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Become a Patron of Skyrilon Knights!

Skyrilon is now on Patreon!


















What is Patreon?

Patreon is a website where artists can create pages to receive monthly funds from patrons. Patrons enter their own dollar amount, and artists give their patrons various rewards depending on the amount!


What can I get for being a patron for Skyrilon Knights?

Depending on the amount that you pledge, I am offering tons of stuff to my patrons:

  • high-res sketches of my drawings

  • high-res .jpeg images and .PSD files

  • step-by-step guides to how I create my pieces

  • tutorials for drawing, coloring, and more!

  • exclusive access to this site's Patreon Gallery page full of my best porn art!

  • Skyrilon Knights games and other materials sent to you for free when they are released!


I even plan on expanding my patreon to include free commissions, video tutorials, livestream events, and a whole lot more!


What is done with the money earned on your Patreon?

All of the pledges I receive helps go towards acheiving my goal of being a full-time artist. This means that the more that I receive, the more often I can create artwork. This will help me create the Skyrilon Knights game more quickly! I also plan on creating Skyrilon Knights themed porn comics, as well as even sequels to the game in the future!


Want more Skyrilon Knights content?

A behind-the-scenes look at my artwork?

Consider becoming a patron! Even $1 helps!



Already a patron and looking for the exclusive gallery?

The password will be sent to you as a message on patreon!

Click here to go to the gallery!



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