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Game Overview:

Main features:

  • Story Mode: 9 individual Chapters, each with visual-novel storyline, combat gameplay, and sex scenes.

  • Arena Mode: fight 6 different unique characters not found in the story,  some with unlockable sex scenes. (Coming Soon!)


Story Overview:


      Skyrilon Knights is a medieval-inspired high-fantasy series focusing around homoerotic themes and characters. The story is central to the kingdom of Skyrilon. Ruled by the royal Skyre family, the kingdom has become known as the most powerful, and yet peaceful kingdom in the land.

      In the Skyrilon Knights game, you play as yourself... a young guy starting his training to become a knight of Skyrilon. 

        Prince Ivan Skyre II, who is finally turning eighteen years of age, has been given permission from the king to exit the castle walls for the first time... but under one condition: a bodyguard must be with him at all times. The King, still constantly worried about the safety of his son, holds a competition to see which of the greatest knights of Skyrilon will become the prince's bodyguard.


        A winner of the competition is chosen. However, even with a bodyguard, Prince Ivan will soon learn the dangers of the world around him. Skyrilon may be peaceful, but they are not without foes; from the rival nation of the Fire Elves of Fyraenia, to the harpies who scour the mountains outside of the kingdom, to even those within the kingdom itself... 



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Experience the story of the world of Skyrilon...

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marcus screenshot2.png
chap 4 screenshot 2.png
chapter 6 2.png

Battle your foes, break their armor!

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chapter 5 5.png

Unlock sex scenes with lots of different guys...

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chapter 5 7.png
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