Guest Characters

These characters were designed by buyers from the game's fundraiser period.

They will be playable in Arena mode!

Khaurel is member of a race call the Drakhor, a strong and powerful tribe living on an island called Athalanssia. Khaurel is one of the strongest warriors there, and travels to Skyrilon to seek even stronger opponents.


Difficulty Level: Easy

A talented swordsman who fights with great finesse. While he is strong, he cares more about the quality of his form than of his attacks' effectiveness.


Race: Drakhor / Age: 100 / Weapon: Sword

A half-dwarf who grew too large to live with his own people. He travels the world fighting to help people in need. He seems cold and rough around the edges when you first meet him, but deep down he has some sensitive qualities.


Difficult Level: Moderate

A powerful fighter who fights with his bare hands. He has great strength and speed to match.

Gaius Volcaro

Race: Half-Dwarf / Age: 25 / Weapon: Hand-to-hand

An incubus who steals power and life from his victims. Larger, muscular men are his favorite targets, and he comes to Skyrilon knowing there are plenty of them to choose from. 


Difficulty Level: Hard

Seduction is his ultimate weapon. His attacks will further lure you into having sex with him, and if you do, he will use his powers to steal your life! Resisting the temptation is the only way to defeat him.

Damien Cambion

Race: Incubus / Age: 100+ / Weapon: Whip

A mer-elf who swam from his home to the waters near Skyrilon to meet other merfolk like himself.


Difficulty Level: Moderate

He hides underwater and attacks from a distance with his bow. Wait for him to surface for your chance to attack.

Thaylen Thalath

Race: Mer-Elf / Age: 128 / Weapon: Bow

Lucas Asteria

Race: Human / Age: 23 / Weapon: Magic

A mysterious mage not originally from Skyrilon. No one knows where he's from, but he remains as loyal to the kingdom as any other Skyrilon Knight.


Difficulty Level: Moderate

He's here to prove magic users can be Skyrilon Knights too. His spellbook is full of various spells that all attack in different ways

Adriano Flores

Race: Vampire / Age: 109 / Weapon: Knives

A young vampire; bitten by choice in order to keep his good looks for eternity. Self-absorbed and always concerned about his appearance, he is a sore loser who will make up excuses if he is ever bested at something.


Difficulty Level: Hard

Adriano is an extremely fast fighter who uses two light daggers for speedy, critical strikes. He is an accomplished, skilled warrior who has all the powers that comes with being a vampire, and refuses to ever lose no matter what.