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Playable Characters

The main characters of the Skyrilon series. Playable in Story Mode.

Aedin Waetro

Race: Water Elf / Age: 100+ / Orientation: Bisexual
Weapon: Spear / Status: Soldier

An elf from the Water tribe. He in an over-confident spear-wielder who teaches new Skyrilon soldiers combat techniques. A lover of all things to do with water, and a complete show-off with everything he does.


Difficulty Level: Easy.

While Aedin is considered the strongest member of the Skyrilon army, he's only here to teach you the basics of blocking and attacking. Trust me, you don't want to fight him at his full strength!

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Payments are secured by BMT Micro

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Marcus Irune

Race: Human / Age: 21 / Orientation: Bisexual
Weapon: Axe / Status: Trainee

Jared's younger brother and a childhood friend of Derek. After Jared lost his arm, he vowed he would take his brother's place and become just as great of a Skyrilon Knight as he was. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries, he has never been able to pass the tests to become a Knight. He serves as a mere footsoldier in Derek's unit.


Difficulty Level: Easy

Marcus is an inexperienced fighter and is in fact quite clumsy. Don't be surprised if he practically trips over his own two feet trying to swing his axe that's too heavy for him to even keep balance of.

Prince Ivan Skyre II

Race: Human / Age: 18 / Orientation: Gay
Weapon: Fan / Status: Prince of Skyrilon

The Prince of Skyrilon. Loved by the entire kingdom, protected by an entire army. He is generally naive and unaware of the evils of the world outside of his castle.


Difficulty Level: Hard

He looks harmless, but Ivan will never give up on a fight knowing his kingdom is depending on him. Ivan was taught magic by the fairies, and it will prove to be an almost unstoppable power once it is tapped! 

A poor farmer boy whose dream was to become a Skyrilon Knight. He became Prince Ivan's bodyguard completely by accident... mainly just because Ivan thought he was cute...


Difficulty Level: Hard

Derek will do anything to protect his friends or achieve his goals, and his armor is nearly indestructible.

Derek Clodune

Race: Human / Age: 22 / Orientation: Straight
Weapon: Two-handed Sword / Status: Bodyguard

An elf from the Forest tribe. He is a master archer and has an eye for all things beautiful. Known as a world-famous blacksmith thanks to his unique and sexy armor designs; he makes armor for only Skyrilon's elite warriors.


Difficulty Level: Moderate

Kael is a master archer, but he's limited to only his arrows. Figuring out how to block his attacks may prove difficult at first, but once you do, Kael has nothing else to stop you

Kael Aerodae

Race: Forest Elf / Age: 100+ / Orientation: Bisexual
Weapon: Bow / Status: Blacksmith

Zade Elthund

Race: Human / Age: 20 / Orientation: Bisexual
Weapon: Knives / Status: Assassin

An orphan who lived on the streets. As a teenager he joined a group of infamous bandits and overthrew them as their leader. He was eventually captured by the Skyrilon Knights, who offered him to serve Skyrilon to spare his life. He is now Skyrilon's greatest assassin, and completely obsessed with Prince Ivan...


Difficulty Level: Hard

Zade is a speedy fighter you will never see coming. With his daggers and throwing knives, you will be blocking attacks from every direction. He is a merciless warrior who never stops hunting his target. Proceed with extreme caution!!

Jared Irune

Race: Human / Age: 26 / Orientation: Straight
Weapon: Gauntlet / Status: Ex-Knight

An ex-Skyrilon Knight. He lost his arm in battle and was forced to retire. He now spends his days locked in his house studying machinery. He has constructed a technological marvel: a robotic gauntlet. Powered by a fairy named Sprix who resides in the glove's glass chamber, he hopes to prove to Skyrilon that he can fight for them again.


Difficulty Level: Moderate

Sprix controls Jared's robot hand so well it as if they are one person. The teamwork between the two is remarkable, but Jared's machinery is very fragile... leaving him to desperate fighting measures if broken


Race: Harpy / Age: 19 / Orientation: Gay
Weapon: Claws / Status: Harpy King

The first male harpy ever born. He used this to his advantage and declared himself the Harpy King. He considers Prince Ivan to be the most beautiful man in the world, and is extremely jealous of Derek for the attention Ivan gives him. He attacks Derek's father's farm in order to spite Derek, and kidnaps Marcus in the process.


Difficulty Level: Moderate

Zephyr has the advantage of the skies and an army of harpies at his disposal. Taking down his minions will make things much easier.

Paetrik Fyrae

Race: Mountain Elf / Age: 100+ / Orientation: Gay
Weapon: Staff / Status: Prince of Fyraenia

An elf from the Mountain tribe. He is the Prince of Fyraenia, mortal enemies of Skyrilon. He kills fairies to absorb their magic power into his fire scepter. His main focus is killing enough fairies to be powerful enough to destroy Skyrilon.


Difficulty Level: Hard

Paetrik is a master at manipulating fire. He has plenty of soldiers to back him up, and when he seems defeated, he can simply increase his power by killing more fairies.

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