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Note: All Skyrilon Knights games are Adobe Flash .swf files! Adobe no longer supports Flash, but these games are still available for the time being. All game sales are final and will not be refunded if your system cannot play flash files.

Note: It is recommended to play the Chapters in order to understand the game's story!

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Game Bundles
bundle 3.png
Skyrilon Knights
Complete Story Bundle


  • ALL game Chapters (1-9)

  • Exclusive Digital Artbook PDF
    (177 NSFW images)

$75+ Value for $50

(Does not include any Arena games)


Game Bundle #1 Includes:

  • Chapter 1: Aedin

  • Chapter 2: Marcus

  • Chapter 3: Derek

  • Chapter 4: Zade

  • Exclusive Digital Artbook PDF #1 (33 NSFW images)

$30+ Value for $20


Game Bundle #2 Includes:

  • Chapter 5: Kael

  • Chapter 6: Zephyr

  • Chapter 7: Jared

  • Chapter 8: Paetrik

  • Exclusive Digital Artbook PDF #2 (64 NSFW images)

$35+ Value for $20

Individual Games

Your training as a Skyrilon Knight begins now! 

You've finally gathered the courage to take the entrance exam to become a Skyrilon Knight. You are soon introduced to your new tutor: Aedin Waetro: famous for being the most powerful warrior in the army. It doesn't take long before the two of you become very familiar with one another...



Your first mission as a soldier of Skyrilon!

A fleet of harpies threaten the farmlands of Skyrilon. It is up to the Knights of Skyrilon to stop them! During the mission briefing, you meet the fellow newcomer Marcus Irune: a clumsy, inexperienced soldier with big dreams. He desperately needs your help with his combat training and will do anything to get it!



Prove your worth to the Prince of Skyrilon!

Derek leads your army to fight the harpies attacking the Skyrilon kingdom. After a great tragedy happens, Derek has no one else to turn to, except for you. You get to know Derek better, in more ways than one, and he invites you to go with him to enter the competition to become Prince Ivan's bodyguard. 


This Chapter includes two sex scenes and more than double the story content of Chapters 1 and 2!




Protect the Prince, no matter what!

The Prince's Guard is officially chosen, but the kingdom of Skyrilon is quickly shaken up after the skilled assassin, Zade Elthund, makes his mark! Is he a friend, or foe? What are his intentions? What is his backstory? Get up close and personal with Zade to find out once and for all.


The most important Chapter yet! Do not miss out on the story of this Chapter!



ch4 ss3
ch4 screenshot
chap 4 screenshot 2
ch4 ss1
ch4 ss2
chap 4 screenshot

Guide Prince Ivan through the Aetherwood!

Prince Ivan gathers his new army to set off on a brave new task! Help Derek and the Skyrilon Knights protect him through the dangerous forests outside of the castle and meet up with the beautiful Forest Elf leader, Kael. Maybe Kael will reward you for a good job...


(This Chapter suffered a file corruption during development. It is split between two files, and sounds and music are missing in some sections; the price has been reduced to $4.99 to compensate this. No gameplay content is missing. Please make note of this before purchasing this Chapter!)



chapter 5 7
chapter 5 2
chapter 5 6
chapter 5 1
chapter 5 3
chapter 5 5
chapter 5 4
zephyr chapter purchase.png

Fight the harpy leader once and for all!

It is finally time to meet the harpies head on in battle and rescue your friend! But not even Kael was prepared for what is revealed in the Harpy Peaks... the leader of the harpies is not a queen, but a king! And he is crazy for sex with Skyrilon men...



chapter 6 1
chapter 6 2
chapter 6 6
chapter 6 4
chapter 6 3
chapter 6 5
chapter 6 7
jared chapter purchase.png

Challenge the famous Jared the Great!

You learn of the rumored whereabouts of the famous knight Jared the Great and Prince Ivan immediately begins the search for him. What the Skyrilon Knights find during their search is even bigger than they imagined!

This Chapter includes an additional secret, unlockable bonus sex scene!



chapter 7 7
chapter 7 1
chapter 7 4
chapter 7 6
chapter 7 2
chapter 7 8
chapter 7 3
chapter 7 5
paetrik chapter purchase.png

Rescue the Fae from Fyraenia's Clutches!

The Skyrilon Knights travel to Fyraenia to put their plans into action to rescue the fae. The secret mission ordered by Prince Ivan is extremely dangerous, but as you make your way to the Fire Prince's chambers, things start to get way hotter than you imagined!



ivan chapter purchase.png

Unlock the

Prince's Powers!

The group must now face the consequences of putting Prince Ivan's plan against Fyraenia into action. The secrets they unearthed during their journey are as numerous as the intimate moments between Ivan and his knights. Now, they return to Skyrilon...



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