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Website official opening!

jared website done.jpg
Jared was hard at work with getting our new website open! Thank goodness for his mechanical skills, right?

Its thanks to everyone who supported the fundraiser project that we were able to get this website up and running! Thanks so much everyone!

Now that we have a paid website of our very own, theres lots of new features!

  • We have our own domain name!!

  • Adult content is now permitted with our new web host! So now all of the sexy art of all the Skyrilon guys can be posted all over the site!

  • We have a new payment set-up that is much more secure and can in the future deliver your game files directly to your email!!

  • You can now play the game demo directly on the site!!

  • The blog system on the front page (the one you're reading now) will keep you up to date with the game's progress!

Note: with our new payment system, there are higher transaction fees, so I had to raise the price for the game to $15 and $30 (only $5 more) to help cover these costs, hope you guys understand! If you have already preordered, you will not have to pay anything extra, so no worries!

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