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Important Release Information!

Hello everyone! I'm updating with some important information about the release of Skyrilon Knights! This information was already shared on y!Gallery as well as in an email I sent out, but I felt as if information this important should be placed on the website as well!

First I would just like to thank everyone who supported me with the fundraising project this summer! Thanks to your help, this will possibly be the largest gay adult-themed content game ever released in English!!

Because of the large amount of content that will now be produced for the game, the game will be released in seperated chapters.

There will be 9 chapters total. Each chapter includes story dialogue, combat with one character, and one sex minigame.

After all 9 chapters are completed, a final complete version of the game will then be released.

Preorders for the game are now CLOSED!

For those that have already preordered: each chapter will be delivered to you individually as they are released, as well as the final game when it is completed and released including your preorder bonus.

For those that did not preorder: You can purchase each chapter as it is released. You may then purchase the full game with its extra content once it is released.

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