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Check out the Skyrilon Patreon!


Skyrilon is now on Patreon!

Check out the page on patreon | Learn more on the "Become a Patron" page

If you haven't heard of patreon before, it is a website that allows users to pledge certain amounts of money every month to artists in return for rewards made by the artist!

Why start a Patreon?

With monthly income directly from making artwork, I can make art much more often!

This means with enough pledges I could spend all of my time working on the Skyrilon Knights game, releasing Chapters more quickly, coming out with extra content, and even working on other Skyrilon projects! I plan on in the future creating a sequel to the game, as well as a Skyrilon Knights comic!

What do you get for pledging on my Patreon?

Depending on the amount that you pledge, you could receive:

- High res sketches of my artwork

- High res .jpeg images and .PSD files

- Art tutorials and step-by-step guides to my art!

- Free copies of Skyrilon Knights game chapters, future comics, and the Skyrilon Knights artbook when it is released!

- Access to the new Skyrilon Knights website's porn gallery!

What will I be adding to my Patreon as it grows?

The more I make per month in pledges on my patreon page, the more content I will be giving to my patrons! What I plan to add to my Patreon in the future:


- video tutorials of my art process

- livestream events where you can chat with me and request me to draw things!

So if you'd like to help get the Skyrilon Knights game chapters out sooner, get even more of my art, or get a behind-the-scenes look at how I make it, please consider checking out the patreon page! Every single dollar helps so much!

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