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Chapter 5: Kael Now Available! (Important info before buying!)

Hey guys, finally back with another update to the site.

I know it has been a long time, I went through hell and back during the development of Chapter 5...

And meanwhile I've been very busy keeping up with all of my projects and work and life and all of those things.

I really do have to apologize for how long it has taken to get these games made. It is a lot of work for one person but I am trying my best to juggle it all.

With that being said, Chapter 5: Kael of the Skyrilon Knights game series has been added to the Shop page! There is a catch however so please consider this before purchasing:

During Chapter 5's development the save file was corrupted. This left me with no way of making changes to the game's file. The only way I could release the game without having to completely scrap everything I had done and start over completely.... was to merge the Chapter 5 with two separated files.

When you purchase Chapter 5 you will notice there are two Flash files instead of the usual one. The first file is missing some background music and sound effects, unfortunately there was no way to go back and add them in. However, the second file is 100% complete with all intended music and sounds.

Altogether, ALL of the story and gameplay, including the combat and sex scene IS in Chapter 5 to play. It's just missing some sound files and the game itself requires you to play two different Flash files.

It is disappointing, but it is better to release it after all of this waiting as is instead of having to redo it all over again. Because of this, it is priced only at $4.99. That is half the originally intended price.

Will Chapter 5 be remade in a 100% fixed version? I will try my best. But I would like to continue with Chapter 6 for now. Sometime in the future I would like to remake it and fix in the missing sound files. For now, if you are interested in following the story of the game I would recommend going ahead and buying it now at its lower price. You won't miss any intended gameplay or story.

With that being said, artwork has already started being made for Chapter 6 of the game. And hopefully there will be no errors this time that cause so much trouble.

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