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Chapter 7: Jared, Now Available!

Skyrilon Knights Chapter 7: Jared has been officially added to the Shop page!

I'm so pleased to announce that Chapter 7 is complete and ready for purchase on the shop page of the site!

I put a lot of effort into this chapter with so many new art images, two sex scenes, and a complex fight scene. I hope you all enjoy this chapter and start to see the story really unfold for the game!

This chapter has a default sex scene, but within the sex scene a bonus scene is unlockable if you can figure out how to find it!

The next game will start production soon: Chapter 8 Paetrik!

The script for Chapters 8 and 9 have actually been completed. It has been really bittersweet to officially wrap up the script of the entire story of this game. But I'm so ready to release it as soon as I can for you guys.

If you are ever interested in following the game's development progress by beta testing and getting early access, you should check out my patreon page as well:

Thanks again!

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