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Wiki Exclusive Characters

Over on my patreon page I have been creating new characters that are a part of the Skyrilon universe but do not make an appearance in the Skyrilon Knights game chapters. These characters each have a very lengthy bio here on the website's wiki including their relationships to the game's playable characters.

If you are a fan of the Skyrilon games' storyline, I highly recommend checking out the Wiki, I have spent a great number of hours adding tons of background information about the game world's lore including characters, locations, kingdoms, religions, etc.!

Here are the wiki links to the pictured characters above!

Top row:

Raen Waetro:

Aethen Lae:

Ulmragha Thundercrash:

Dezmond Cresmini:

Middle Far Right:


Bottom row:

Prince Jaykob Skyre:


Conrad Stratus:



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