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Chapter 8: Paetrik, Now Available!

Skyrilon Knights Chapter 8: Paetrik has been officially added to the Shop page!

Chapter 8 is finally complete and ready for purchase on the shop page of the site!

I pushed myself further than ever before with this chapter. The combat features animated magic attacks, with multiple projectiles attack you at once, so you have to time your clicks carefully to block them in the correct order. It is probably one of the most difficult combat sequences in the game!

The sex scene I took inspiration from Humbuged's classic flash jack-off games. I found those games in highschool and it is what inspired me to start drawing yaoi / bara art. So I wanted to see if I was able to do something similar. You will be able to jack Paetrik off with your mouse to fill up the Cum Bar. He is fully animated unlike previous sex scenes in my series and has breathing sound effects. In the end I think it turned out rather well!

The next, and final chapter of the story, is Chapter 9: Ivan. I'm so excited for everyone to see the ending to the story of the game.

After Chapter 9 is completed, Arena Mode will begin production, which features original characters from the game's fundraising period.

If you are ever interested in following the game's development progress by beta testing and getting early access, you should check out my patreon page as well:

Thanks again!

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