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Chapter 9: Ivan, Now Available!

Skyrilon Knights Chapter 9: Ivan has been officially added to the Shop page!

The final chapter to the Skyrilon Knights game story is finally complete. So thankful to everyone who supported through the project so far to see it come all the way to the end of the story. I tried to make this one the best that I could. Between unique story arts, story sex scenes, multiple positions and endings to the sex mini game, and a difficult combat sequence, I hope everyone will enjoy it.

If you were a fan of the story and characters of this game, there's way more characters, locations and lore on the Skyrilon Wiki here on the site! So please check it out!!

Next up is to work on the Arena matches with the fundraiser supporter's original characters. These will feature introductions to those characters with interactions with the canon Skyrilon characters as well as combat gameplay. Some will also include a sex scene depending on if it was paid for by the character's supporter.

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