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Theo is an orphaned Nekita who lives in a cathedral in Skyrilon. He is the lover of Alexander.

Race: Nekita

Age: 19

Measurements: 5'8", 105 lbs, 7 in cut

Orientation: Bisexual

Weapon: Whip Knives

Game Appearance

Theo is NOT playable in the Skyrilon Knights games and is not referred to in the story.


A Nekita boy from the continent of Estidon. At a very young age his parents were murdered in the never-ending struggle for land between Cresminos and the Nekita tribe. The Cresminosi men sold him to a rich trader in Skyrilon as a "pet cat". Shipped in a container on a trading ship, he arrived in Skyrilon where the Skyrilon Knights disrupted the illegal trafficking of Theo, potentially saving his life. They took him to an orphanage cathedral in hopes he could be adopted by new parents, though nekita are very rare in Weslarin and have been stereotyped as tricksters and thieves.

Theo kept his hood up at all times, never revealing to anyone that he was a nekita. He was often quiet and scared at the orphanage, sitting in a corner alone drawing in a notebook. He was then approached by an older boy, Alexander, who also remained in a cloaked hood. Theo felt he could open up more to Alexander, and the two became good friends. One day the two of them met in private at night and pulled their hoods down, revealing their faces to each other in full for the first time. Theo looked into Alexander's pure white eyes, and Alexander saw that Theo was a nekita. They both smiled at each other, and Theo quickly kissed Alexander on the lips. The two eventually became passionate lovers into adulthood.

As teenagers, the cathedral was robbed by an infamous bandit group. They stole many prized possessions of the church. Alexander and Theo were angered by this, and took up combat training to attempt to defend the cathedral from future dangers. When the bandits attacked again, Alexander and Theo were ready, and successfully fought off the thieves. King Ivan of Skyrilon heard of their bravery and sent his son Prince Ivan to invite them to become Skyrilon Knights. They declined, wishing to not leave the cathedral. Still, the Prince presented the two with luxurious golden weapons and armor.

Today the two men work for the cathedral and help the priestesses raise the next generation of orphans. Stories of their bravery have brought many new patrons to the cathedral. While Theo believes in the efforts of the cathedral, he still wishes to eventually continue on with other ventures in his life, contrary to Alexander. Theo wishes to get justice for his murdered parents, and to become the first Nekita Skyrilon Knight. He hopes to someday meet the men who saved him from the horrible man who tried purchasing him as a child, as well as help aleviate the stereotype against nekita in Skyrilon.

Theo's personality is in sharp contrast to Alexander's. He is very bratty and rambunctious, often holding grudges against those who wrong him for a very long time and will pick fights easily. He is hyperactive and extroverted even among those he has just met. Although he is often friendly, he can come on a little too strong for some people, giving them a bad impression of him.

For a Nekita, Theo goes to great lengths to groom himself and heighten his physical appearance. Nekita have fast and abundantly growing body hair, yet Theo painstakingly shaves daily. Most Nekita in the desert care less of their appearance, knowing nothing of fashion or style. Theo in contrary spends free time admiring the fashionable apparel of Skyrilon's elite and royal family. He wishes not only to fit in more with people of Skyrilon, but also look his best for Alexander.



Theo's lover. Theo was overwhelmed at the moment the two revealed their full faces for the first time, and felt it was love at first sight for him. Despite Alexander being significantly larger and stronger than him, Theo will go out of his way to protect Alexander and engage in hostility with those he feels treat Alex unfairly.

Zade Elthund

Another orphan boy at the cathedral when Theo was growing up. Zade was constantly breaking rules and getting into trouble, including bullying Alexander. Theo never forgot Zade's face, even sketching it into a book as accurately as he could. He wishes to fight Zade again some day now that he has trained in combat.

Combat Ability

Theo trained alongside Alexander with the Skyrilon Knights when they were teenagers. While Alexander continued to develop his physical form and battle techniques, Theo was not as disciplined, often neglecting his training.

However, he is aware of his small stature and speed, using it to his advantage to trick and overwhelm his opponents with quick strikes and surprise attacks. He is extremely acrobatic and flexible as being a nekita, allowing him to do seemingly unnatural dodging twists and spins; dodging attacks and returning with quick counter moves.

His weapons were specially crafted for him by King Ivan's request. As such they are of the highest quality materials. His bodysuit is of a special alloy that allows for a tight, non-restrictive fit while still including the protection of metals. His weapons of choice are two whip daggers, pressing a trigger in the handle releases the blades to extend like whips for a surprising amount of range. Theo often does not reveal this feat of his weapon at the start of the battle so he may trick his opponents into thinking they are at a safe distance from him, only to be struck by his lengthened whip blades.


Theo identifies as bisexual. He finds women very attractive but has had Alexander as his first and only romantic and sexual partner. He is obsessed with Alexander and would never consider anyone else as a romantic partner, though he has confessed wishing to explore group sex with Alexander and others in the past.

Theo is typically the top in their relationship. Although the two have very passionate, romantic sex, Theo often times shows a kinkier side. He teases Alexander with light nibbles from his nekita fangs, and small scratches while he fucks him. Theo loves making the usually quiet Alexander moan loudly in pleasure and a little bit of pain.

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