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Aedin Waetro

Aedin Waetro is a Skyrilon Knight and future Prince's Guard to Prince Jaykob Skyre. He is known throughout the known world as the strongest soldier of the Skyrilon army and for having the largest recorded penis among humans and elves.

Race: Water Elf

Age: 100+

Measurements: 6'10", 180 lbs, 15" uncut

Orientation: Bisexual

Weapon: Spear

Game Appearance

Aedin is a main character in the Skyrilon Knights game and is playable in Chapter 1.


Aedin, like most water elves, was born and raised on Maerlios Island. At a young age he took a strong interest in swimming and marine life; even more-so than the average water elf. He became an incredibly fast swimmer for his age and spent most of his time relaxing on the beach, fishing, and entering swimming competitions with his school-mates.

Through this time in the water he became friends with many of the merfolk people who lived in the ocean surrounding Maerlios Island. Aedin quickly became enamored by them and their underwater spear-fighting techniques. The merfolk agreed to teach him these techniques, which is unheard of, because of their close relationship with Aedin over the years.

His father, Raen Waetro, leader of The Nightshade, did not approve of this. Raen always pushed Aedin to train with the signature weapon of The Nightshade; a sword known as a "streamblade". Raen's constant pushing of Aedin to be like his father was a major strain on their relationship, as Aedin felt he could never live up to his father's expectations. Aedin lacked the concentration and discipline necessary to become an honored member of The Nightshade and was an extreme disappointment to his father.

As an adult Aedin became a local celebrity as the fastest swimmer, strongest fighter, and largest cock of anyone on Maerlios Island. However, being the son of the leader of The Nightshade and failing to become one was extremely shameful for him and many who Aedin thought were his friends were no longer interested in being around him. He ultimately decided that he could no longer live in Maerlios and took a ship to the Kingdom of Skyrilon.

Aedin was quick to prove himself as a powerful warrior and easily passed the trials to become a Skyrilon Knight. His fighting style with his spear was unlike anything anyone in Skyrilon had seen before, and he was able to defeat the highest ranking Skyrilon Knights in combat, making him known as the strongest warrior in all of Skyrilon. Aedin proved to the people that this was more than just rumors, as he lead many of Skyrilon's battles and all of them were victories. He quickly became adored by the people of Skyrilon and was known throughout the kingdom.

Aedin's reputation has spread throughout the known world and many other water elves have left Maerlios to pursue being a Skyrilon Knight. Many of them serve under Aedin as his soldiers and look up to him dearly.

Aedin's celebrity status over the many years of his elven life have caused him to have an inflated ego and a cocky sense of self. He is always focused on maintaining his reputation and ensuring that people are constantly reminded of his positive qualities and achievements. He is constantly heard bragging of his achievements and is quick to remind others of his amazing feats. He is quite insecure of his failures and refuses to lose to anyone in even the smallest tasks or disagreements.


Raen Waetro

Aedin's father. Aedin avoids communications with his father over their disagreements with Aedin's lifestyle. However, Aedin constantly wonders to himself if Raen has heard of and is proud of his acheivements in Skyrilon.

Kael Aerodae

Aedin's closest friend in Skyrilon. The two have fought in many battles together. Both serve the Skyrilon army despite it not being their homeland. They have been known to be casual sex partners although they have never been romantic. Even through Aedin's inflated ego, he looks up to Kael's achievements and sees him as a role model.

Prince Jaykob Skyre

The future son of Prince Ivan and Derek Clodune, made by magic. Aedin is assigned to teach Jaykob combat techniques as he quickly ages to adulthood through magic in a matter of weeks. Through this short time, Aedin becomes Prince Jaykob's closest friend and role model. Aedin has a strong influence on Jaykob with his personality often rubbing off on him. Jaykob invites Aedin to the competition to be his Prince's Guard, in which Aedin wins, becoming Jaykob's Prince's Guard.

Combat Ability

Aedin uses a spear-fighting technique that is signature to the Merfolk. It consists of extremely acrobatic and extravagant fighting techniques full of twists, spins, and flips in the water. Aedin adapted this technique to fighting on land. He is constantly seen on the battlefield jumping through the air doing acrobatic tricks while slashing down foes below him.

Aedin is always doing outlandish and over-the-top stunts during combat. Always looking to show off, even on the battlefield, he will defeat even the simplest of opponents with the most mesmerizing of his attacks. He may focus on appearance of his moves but he also has extremely quick reflexes and can easily counter an enemy strike and turn the tide of a battle into his favor with ease.


Aedin has sex with male and female partners. Because of his record-breaking penis size which is known throughout the land, many people seek him out in order to have sex with him.

Aedin is an extremely arrogant power-top with his sexual partners. He knows he has the biggest cock of anyone else and constantly reminds his partners while having sex with them. He even slightly enjoys when his partners have difficulty or pain trying to take the entire length of his penis. He often cannot have anal sex with human men because their bodies are not adapted to the larger size of elven penises.

Aedin refuses to be in a submissive role in sex and insists on his partner being submissive with worship-like behavior to his body and cock. He has never once bottomed for a male partner anal or orally.

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