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Aegido was the dancer and forced lover of Prince Paetrik Fyrae of Fyraenia.

Race: Half Mountain Elf

Age: 18

Measurements: 5'8", 115 lbs, 5 in uncut

Orientation: Gay

Weapon: Magic-infused Bracelets

Game Appearance

Aegido does NOT appear in the Skyrilon Knights game and is not mentioned in the game's story.


A half-elf child of forbidden love between Mountain Elf and Human. They lived in secret, the elven man hiding his wife in his home in Fyraenia. Suspicions arose when their child Aegido's ears never truly grew like the other children his age. Finally, they were caught... the Fyranian guards were ordered to slay Aegido and his mother, and imprison his father. Just before her death, she allowed Aegido to escape.

Orphaned and constantly on the run from the Fyranian military, Aegido was taken in by a brothel. With special jewelry made to hide his ears, he started to work as a prostitute and dancer when he became of age. At first he was very shy, and being a virgin, not experienced in his work. This however made him very desirable and quickly he became the most popular working boy in Fyraenia.

Talk of Aegido's skills spread all the way up to the royal family, and the Prince of Fyraenia, Paetrik Fyrae, made his way to the brothel to have a private appointment with Aegido. This turned into many more thereafter, as Paetrik became obsessed with Aegido... showering him with piles of gold, gifts, and extravagant outfits and jewelry. He started to become angry and jealous of Aegido's other customers... he ordered Aegido to move to the royal castle with him to be his "personal entertainer".

Living in the royal castle absolutely terrified him, knowing at any moment his true identity would be revealed. Still, he had no choice, and eventually earned Paetrik's trust enough to learn of his plans to execute faeries for their magic powers. Paetrik entrusted Aegido with magic crystals that could conjure flames. They were embedded into bracelets in his dancing outfit to create amazing flame dances that thrilled the entire kingdom.

Eventually... it happened. The very same guard that killed Aegido's mother in front of him, recognized him during one of his performances. He snuck back stage, pinned Aegido to the floor, told him he was the one that killed his mother, and attempted to rape him. Furious, Aegido conjured flames from his magic bracelets. Mountain Elf skin is resistant to flame, but it was no match for the magic flames of Aegido's bracelets, and he was set ablaze. Aegido watched him die his slow, painful death. The other guards heard the man's screams, but before they came, Aegido leaped from the window, escaping the kingdom of Fyraenia and never looking back. His destination was a kingdom in which he heard all people of all kinds were accepted, their enemy kingdom: Skyrilon.


Paetrik Fyrae

Paetrik was obsessed with Aegido and enforced a very controlling relationship on him. Aegido hates Paetrik for representing the government which split his family apart.


Upon his escape from Fyraenia, Aegido continued his work as a dancer and prostitute in Skyrilon. After Zephyr was released from imprisonment by the Skyrilon Knights, Zephyr began working at the same brothel as Aegido, Zephyr becoming a sort of apprentice to Aegido.

Combat Ability

Aegido is not trained in combat. He is physically fit, acrobatic and flexible, but sports a very small, slim frame. He is not a good fighter, and without his magic bracelets, he would be reliant on his speed and flexibility to escape a combat situation.

The magic bracelets of his dance outfit are imbued with a vast amount of faerie aether. This allows him to conjure magic flames and manipulate their direction. The flames themselves imbued with aether, able to burn objects that natural fire would otherwise be resisted from, such as the flesh of Mountain Elves. Aegido is more naturally able to control these flames due to his potent spirit, however, he has never focused on magic studies and believes he is dependent on the bracelets' powers to grant his magic.


Aegido is gay. His entire sexual history has been within brothels as a prostitute. As such, most of his sexual partners have been older male tops. Aegido's feelings about sex are very disconnected from romance because of this.

While having sex with men is his job, he certainly does enjoy it from time to time. Aegido has become so accustomed to anal stimulation that he can easily have hands-free orgasms while bottoming if his top is skilled enough.

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