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Aethen Lae

Aethen Lae a Forest Elf healer who resides in the Aetherwood, friend of Kael Aerodae and Jared Irune.

Race: Forest Elf

Age: 75

Measurements: 6'2", 135 lbs, 7" uncut

Orientation: Gay

Weapon: Staff

An elf from the Forest Tribe. When he was born, he was sensed to have been born with an extremely potent spirit, much stronger than even Forest Elves typically have. Because of this, he quickly became a prodigy genius in magic casting. As he got older, he decided to use his magic abilities for good: to research and advance healing magics for the Kingdom of Skyrilon. Aethen became a favorite medic to the Skyrilon Knights for his expert skills but as well for his friendly, heartwarming personality.

Aethen quickly began to become infatuated with many of the knights, but it was one knight in particular that caught his eye: Jared Irune, known as Jared the Great, the bravest and strongest knight in the land. Jared was constantly needing medical attention for how often he would be in battle, and Aethen made sure to always be there to heal Jared's wounds. Aethen admired everything about Jared; from his bravery as a knight to his dashing good looks, to his charasma and light-hearted attitude. But no matter what Aethen did to catch Jared's attention, Jared never seemed romantically interested in Aethen. Aethen had heard some rumors that Jared may be straight, but he thought it was just by those jealous of Jared's success.... or at least that is what Aethen told himself. Still, Aethen remained Jared's companion and personal medic for many years.

Then, Jared the Great met with the Orc chieftain Ulmragah Thundercrash, and lost his arm in the battle. The wound was too great for any other medic but Aethen to manage. He was devestated to see his love so wounded, and it seemed no amount of magic would be able to replace Jared's missing arm. Jared was put into a magic sleep while his wound was healed, Aethen taking care of him personally for weeks and weeks. Aethen catered to his every need, all the while researching how to rejuvenate Jared's missing limb. Aethen refused to give up on Jared, thinking if he could fix Jared's arm, he would love Aethen in return.

Aethen finally found a tome discussing in detail the methods of exchanging body parts between two bodies. It was the only thing he could think to do: give up his own arm, and put all of his spirit power into a magic spell that would create Jared a new arm once again. He would not only lose his own arm but all of his spirit needed to cast magic. But Aethen was desperate for Jared's love and affection, and prepared for the ritual to begin.

Just before Aethen was about to start the spell, Kael Aerodae stepped in and stopped Aethen from initiating it. He told Aethen that he was simply too valuable to the Kingdom to selfishly give up his magic talent, and falling in love with a human will only lead to heartbreak due to Jared's shorter life span. Aethen came to his senses, and gave up on the ritual.

Aethen cried over top of the unconscious Jared before waking him from his magic sleep. Jared woke, and slowly remembered the fate of his battle and lost limb. He was ashamed, angry, and quickly jumped from the bed to leave his chambers. Jared stopped in the doorway, and turned to Aethen. "Aethen, thank you... for everything you've done for me over the years. I won't forget you." This was the last time anyone had seen Jared the Great ever again.


Jared Irune

Aethen healed Jared after many battles, and even accompanied him on the battlefield during many missions. Their friendship was special and mutual. Aethen was obsessively in love with Jared and would do anything for him, however, Jared did not feel the same in return, and had no idea Aethen's feelings were romantic.

Kael Aerodae

Another companion in battle with Aethen. As both are forest elves working along with the Skyrilon Knights in battle, they felt a unique bond between the two of them from the beginning of their relationship. Kael is the much more sensible of the two.

Combat Ability

Aethen is a prodigy, master-class magic caster who is able to manipulate his large amount of aether within his spirit at ease. He does not focus his magical studies into destructive, offensive magic. Instead, preferring spells that recover wounds.

In a panic of self defense, Aethen unleashes unfocused, large amounts of aetheric energy within him; causing a small concentrated blast of immense power that blow enemies to dust in an instant. While this drains much of his aether doing this, he refuses to research much into destructive magics, fearing that learning these spells with his potential would be so powerful it could corrupt his ideals and harm countless people.


Aethen is gay, preferring to bottom. Aethen finds human men much more sexy and masculine than Forest Elves regardless of the two races' mismatched lifespans. He falls in love very easily with many of the men he aides in battle. Many soldiers have woken up from their beds to see Aethen over top of them, taking care of their injuries. It has sparked many relationships and many passionate sex encounters for Aethen over the years.

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