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Alexander is an orphan who has lived at a cathedral orphanage in Skyrilon. His bravery to defend the cathedral granted him the title of Honorary Skyrilon Knight by King Ivan Skyre.

Race: Human

Age: 24

Measurements: 6'2", 200 lbs, 5.5 in uncut

Orientation: Gay

Weapon: Mace (with shield)

Game Appearance

Alexander is NOT a playable character in the Skyrilon Knights games nor is he referred to in the story.


Born with a strange pure-white eye color, his parents thought he was cursed and left him at the steps of a grand cathedral in Skyrilon. The cathedral was known as the largest orphanage in the kingdom, and the priestess took him in under their care. He quickly became devout to The Goddess, and spent most of his time assisting the church with their day to day activities.

Many of the other orphan children and even the adult visitors to the church would mock and fear him. He did not have very many friends his own age, and some of the children bullied Alexander, including Zade Elthund who also lived in the cathedral orphanage as a child. Alexander spent most of his time with the priestesses and studying their faith. It was then he realized that his gift to see spirit was a unique property of his special eyes. Not only could he see the potency of someone's magical power inside their bodies, he could see visions of those who had passed away nearby.

Alexander began wearing a cloak to hide his face while working in the cathedral. One day a new group of children were admitted to the orphanage. One was a small boy, sitting by himself in the corner, wearing a hood over his head. Alexander related to him in many ways, and asked to be his friend. This boy was Theo, of the Nekita race from Estidon. He was afraid that his cat-like ears and tail would negatively stereotype him in Skyrilon. The two boys felt they could only lower their hoods in private together, they formed a strong bond which surpassed friendship into love.

As teenagers, the cathedral was robbed by an infamous bandit group. They stole many prized possessions of the church. Alexander and Theo were angered by this, and took up combat training to attempt to defend the cathedral from future dangers. When the bandits attacked again, Alexander and Theo were ready, and successfully fought off the thieves. King Ivan of Skyrilon heard of their bravery and sent his son Prince Ivan to invite them to become Skyrilon Knights. They declined, wishing to not leave the cathedral. Still, the Prince presented the two with luxurious golden weapons and armor.

Today the two men work for the cathedral and help the priestesses raise the next generation of orphans. Stories of their bravery have brought many new patrons to the cathedral. While Alexander has devoted much of his time to building up his physical strength, muscular body, and combat strength to defend his loved ones, he is a very quiet and shy individual who rarely speaks to others. He is very devout to his faith, spending all of his possible time assisting the cathedral in any way he can and teaching the word of The Goddess to the children. He is no longer ashamed of his eyes, using it as an example to teach his orphaned children to not judge others.


Zade Elthund

Alexander's childhood rival. The two were orphans who lived together in the cathedral. Zade considered Alexander to be a freak, and constantly bullied him. However, Alexander was also to blame, tattling on Zade to the priestesses to get him in trouble. Alexander thinks back to times he had been physically abused by Zade, hoping the hate inside his heart is no longer with him.


An orphan Nekita who arrived at the cathedral after Alexander. The two had much in common, both wishing to avoid judgement because of their appearances. They fell in love after being friends for years. The two are inseparable, Alexander considers him a gift to his life from The Goddess, cherishing every moment with him.

Combat Ability

Alexander fights with an ornate mace and shield. His weapons and armor were crafted as a gift from King Ivan, and are of the highest quality materials. When beginning his combat training, he would venture to the training grounds of the Skyrilon Knights, who took pity on the orphan boy and taught him what they could. Because of this combined with Alexander's enjoyment of texts and rules, he became a very disciplined fighter. He never makes strikes unless he knows they will connect and waits for openings in his opponents, rather than attempting to overwhelm them with brute force.


Alexander is gay, and is typically a bottom with his partners. Alexander is a very selfless individual who enjoys to give pleasure to his partners.

Theo is Alexander's first and only romantic partner. The two men have passionate sex, Theo topping a man twice his size. Alexander holds onto Theo carefully, caressing and kissing him while Theo has his way with him.

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