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Conrad Stratus

Conrad is a Skyrilon Knight, Tessa Skyre's Princess's Guard, and the assigned tutor of Prince Ivan Skyre II, Tessa Skyre, and Prince Jaykob Skyre.

Race: Human

Age: 28

Measurements: 6'0", 150 lbs, 9 in cut

Orientation: Bisexual, prefers men.

Weapon: Rapier

Game Appearance

Conrad is NOT playable in the Skyrilon Knights games but he is referred to in the game's story.


Conrad grew up as a very poor boy, the son of a single mother who worked in a tavern. At a young age he would play in the streets and alleyways of Skyrilon, until one day he was attacked by a group of thieves, mercilessly beaten and mugged. Since that day, Conrad was terrified to go outside again, remaining in the tavern with his mother whenever possible.

One day a nobleman visited the tavern, and accidentally left behind an enormous tome, the cover foiled with gold. It mesmerized Conrad like nothing he had ever seen, only to realize he could not read the pages or even the cover. Still, Conrad decided to keep the tome and vowed that he would one day learn to read every page. There was only one way a poor peasant boy like him would be able to afford a reading tutor: becoming a Skyrilon Knight. He became determined to face his fears of the outside world, pick up a sword, and train himself. Finally he became of age to attempt the trials to become a Skyrilon Knight, passing the trial in his first attempt.

Within his first days in the castle he witnessed the glory of the Skyrilon Castle's library. He was enthralled by it, nearly bringing him to tears. The librarian noticed this and asked why a guard would be so impressed with books. Conrad told his story and presented the tome from his childhood, the librarian was gobsmacked; the nobleman that had left the tome at the tavern that day, was in fact the librarian. From that day forward the librarian taught Conrad to read.

Conrad became fascinated with how his readings could compliment his skills in combat from anatomy, science, history, physics, and metalworking. All of these texts gave him knowledge above other knights. King Ivan Skyre I took notice of this, and tested Conrad against the royal tutors to find out he was far more knowledgeable than any of them. King Ivan then gave Conrad the title of Royal Tutor to his daughter Princess Tessa Skyre, and Prince Ivan Skyre II.

While teaching the royal siblings, Princess Tessa became quite infatuated with Conrad. He was very handsome, slim build but strong, extremely intelligent, but most of all Conrad was very quiet, never speaking to anyone except when requested of him, or to inform others of necessary knowledge. Conrad always kept his composure and swiftly blocked the princess's advances. This was unlike anyone else she had ever met. It only made her more obsessed with him, to the point that she invited him to the contest to become her Princess's Guard.

Unable to deny this request, Conrad was forced to fight in the Arena to become Tessa's Princess Guard. This was Conrad's first experience with real combat, the Princess gifting him his first owned weapon only days before the event: an extravagant, ornate rapier. Conrad used his knowledge of anatomy and armor-smithing to pinpoint the exact weak points of all of his opponents, striking them with the rapier with ease, taking down all of the other combatants. Conrad was given the title: Princess's Guard.

Now required to follow Princess Tessa, Tessa sees Conrad as not just her companion but as a sort of accessory. Tessa loves to have new outfits and weapons constantly made for Conrad, dressing him up as she sees fit, often in very revealing outfits to show off "Conrad's best parts", much to his own embarrassment. Although he finds them to look ridiculous and gaudy, he follows her every order without saying a word. Some joke that Conrad is Tessa's living doll, and even Conrad's blonde hair is dyed to match the princess. Still Conrad faithfully attends Tessa's side, staying silent watching over her. Never speaking of his past to anyone, making no friends among his comrades, he is simply grateful for the opportunity to continue his journey for knowledge.


Princess Tessa Skyre

Conrad is Tessa's Princess Guard. As such, he must not leave her side and protect her at all costs. Tessa's extreme rules and obsession over him are exhausting, and Conrad merely sees her as a part of his job; necessary to continue his own goals.

Prince Ivan Skyre II

The more attentive of the two siblings to Conrad's tutoring. Conrad notices Ivan's further interest in knowledge and pushes him harder than his sister.

Prince Jaykob Skyre

When Jaykob is born into a fast adulthood, it is up to Conrad to teach Jaykob very quickly. It has been a tough challenge but Conrad sees this as a way to push his teaching to its limits and learn even more. It also doesn't hurt that Jaykob is more of Conrad's type than his father, Ivan.

Combat Ability

Conrad's weapon of choice is the rapier. His intense studies of physics, math, and anatomy allow him to make extremely accurate strikes to an enemy's vital weak spots. He is able to calculate immediately when an opening is found in an enemy and is said to be able to defeat any opponent in one single strike of his rapier while using the least amount of effort as possible. 


Conrad is bisexual, preferring men. When it comes to courting women, Conrad finds it very easy to calculate how to flirt with each woman he meets, making them impressed and infatuated with him very quickly. Still he finds most women boring, and is completely turned off when a woman is unintelligent and cannot carry a worthwhile conversation with him.

He is quite reserved and quiet in public, but reading many romance novels between strong warriors and fair maidens has left him quite the hopeless romantic. He secretly desires a strong, masculine man to sweep him off his feet, and dominate him during sex.

His research in anatomy has benefited his sexual relations with both men and women. He became an expert at anal prostate massage, able to make himself and other men cum quickly and explosively.

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