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Derek Clodune

Derek Clodune is the Prince's Guard and future romantic partner to Ivan Skyre II.

Race: Human

Age: 22

Measurements: 6'4", 235 lbs, 8 in cut

Orientation: Straight

Weapon: Greatsword

Game Appearance

Derek is a main character in the Skyrilon Knights game and is playable in Chapter 3.


Derek grew up as a very poor son to a farmer outside of the castle of Skyrilon. One of the workers on the farm had a son named Marcus Irune, who quickly became Derek's best childhood friend. Marcus's brother, Jared Irune, eventually became the most famous Skyrilon Knight, and was known as Jared the Great. This inspired Derek and Marcus to one day become Skyrilon Knights of their own.

One day Derek's younger sister became deathly ill, and their family could not afford the medicine needed to treat her. The only option their family could think of was if Derek could pass the test to become a Skyrilon Knight, he would be paid enough money to pay for his sister's medicine. Derek took on the trials to become a Skyrilon Knight and barely passed, still he was admitted as a Skyrilon Knight and shortly moved into the castle of Skyrilon. His current girlfriend, Sarah, was furious of this decision and left him.

Derek proved quickly to be a very powerful fighter and rose up the ranks of the Skyrilon Knights. He devoted all of his time training so that he may get promotions and continue to fund his family's well being. His sister was able to get the medicine she needed and survived her illness and his family was eventually able to retire in their old age due to Derek's income as a Knight.

Derek is a very shy, bashful individual who is not best at making conversation or meeting new people. He needs a lot of time to warm up to a new person before he starts to open up. Growing up on a farm, he doesn't have much knowledge of higher class living and was not professionally trained for combat. This leads to quite the disconnect between him and the other Knights. Despite this, many of the other knights found Derek very attractive, but Derek always refused their sexual advances out of his shyness. Many began to spread rumors about Derek and call him "Sir Straight" behind his back.

(Chapter 3 Spoilers)

Upon discovering that the harpies were planning an attack on Derek's family's farmlands, King Ivan ordered Derek to lead an army to stop them. This battle ended in a victory, although his best friend Marcus Irune was captured by the harpies in the process. Because of his victory, he was rewarded by the King an invitation to the competition to be Prince Ivan's Prince's Guard and permission to invite one other person. Derek chose to invite (The Player).

Derek does not win this competition, losing in battle against (The Player). The winner of the competition was Zade Elthund. During the banquet ceremony, Zade's crude sexual public behavior towards the Prince made Derek angry to the point of calling out Zade in front of the entire kingdom as unfit to be Prince's Guard. This action makes Zade furious and delusional, and ultimately causes him to threaten the Prince's safety as a result, stripping Zade of his title as Prince's Guard. Ivan was so impressed by Derek's actions that he appointed Derek to be his new Prince's Guard. Derek himself did not feel that he deserved this title, but regardless accepted it.


Marcus Irune

Derek's best childhood friend. They grew up together playing on Derek's family's farm and pretending to be Skyrilon Knights with toy swords. They wished to be famous knights just like Marcus's older brother, Jared the Great.


Derek's previous lover. A peasant girl who lives in Skyrilon. She wished to have a quiet life with Derek and was not accepting of Derek's decision to become a Knight.

Ivan Skyre II

Ordered to protect Ivan as his Prince's Guard. Derek has put Ivan's life in value over his own. This responsibility is more than he ever imagined or asked for, but still he wishes to do honor to his duty as the Prince chose Derek out of everyone in the Kingdom. He constantly worries about disappointing Ivan and always is trying to find ways to improve his ability as Prince's Guard. Ivan has taught him many things about living with high-society over time. As they have grown closer, Derek discovers he finds Ivan to be a very attractive person physically and emotionally, despite his gender.

Combat Ability

Derek was not formally trained in combat before joining the Skyrilon Knights. However, he was used to rigorous farm labor and heavy lifting, making him one of the few able to wield a greatsword with ease. This is an admirable feat of strength in the eyes of lower rank soldiers. Because of this Derek tends to have a somewhat-clumsy and brutish fighting style. He does not think about critical weak points or the best strategies in combat, he simply swings his way through his opponents with raw force. This violent fighting style is in stark contrast with his normally quiet and secluded personality outside of battle.

While he has great strength, he is not the most talented warrior in the Skyrilon Knights. In training sessions he often loses due to his opponents outsmarting him or through their quick speed. Still, he trains diligently every day to improve himself for his family and for Prince Ivan's safety.


Derek identifies himself a straight, however his knowledge of sexuality is very limited. He previously fell into the belief that the lower-class should marry at a young age and start families so they can work together. He had always found women attractive and did not see men as suitable romantic partners. Prior to becoming a Skyrilon Knight, he was a virgin and was wishing to have sex with his future wife to have children.

(Chapter 3 Spoilers)

As Derek is a very shy person, he feels he can only have sexual interactions with people he has a close bond to. Nervous about the possibility of becoming the Prince's Guard and having sex with the Prince, he opens up to (The Player) and asks to teach him about gay sex. Through this experimentation with (The Player) he realizes sex can be more casual than he perceived it and certainly enjoyable with a man.

As the Prince's Guard, he had sex with Prince Ivan on their first night together. He is almost always the top to Prince Ivan who enjoys having Derek as a large, masculine, strong figure as a sexual partner. He has since admitted to Prince Ivan privately that he doesn't know much about sex, and so Ivan loves teaching Derek new positions and methods. As their bond has grown closer and more romantic, they begin to have sex much more often and eventually on a nightly basis. He enjoys giving pleasure to the Prince and considers it part of his job as Prince's Guard.

Currently, Derek still identifies as straight. He finds women attractive, but also Prince Ivan, who he has started to fall in love with. He does not think about other men as suitable romantic partners, but could have casual sex with a man he felt a close bond with if Prince Ivan would ask that of him.

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