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Dezmond is the Prince of Cresminos, the sworn enemy kingdom of Skyrilon.

Race: Human

Age: 20

Measurements: 6'2", 160 lbs, 8 in cut

Orientation: Bisexual, prefers men.

Weapon: Twin Swords

Game Appearance

Dezmond is NOT playable in the Skyrilon Knights games, nor is he referenced in the game's story.


Growing up, his father constantly enforced on him the ideals of the perfect, masculine Cresminosi man. Ensuring that he practice swordplay and sit in war council with his father from a very young age. His father even gifted him many prostitutes when he was as young as 14 years old. All of this was to train him to be a strong prince, the ideal alpha-male that would uphold the ideals that the civilians would look up to.

Now Dezmond lives the lavish life of a spoiled, rich prince. He uses his status, wealth, charisma, and good looks to charm anyone that suits his fancy. He loves throwing extravagant parties throughout the kingdom and bringing dozens of gorgeous men back to his chambers for the night.

Despite living this seemingly carefree life style, Dezmond is very protective of his nation, ensuring that no outsider would attempt to ruin his oasis kingdom. He is very aggressive with his personal army, training soulless, merciless soldiers and bodyguards known for their torturous combat techniques. He learned these ideals, of course, from his father. Who has helped the Cresminos kingdom continue to flourish under their strict rule. Dezmond's army has personally set out and executed foreign invaders, ignoring any attempts at diplomacy. Anyone who could be perceived as threatening Dezmond's way of life would meet his blade.

Still to this day, tensions between Skyrilon and Cresminos remain high. While the two countries used to trade and allow open ports, the assassination of Queen Melliana, Prince Ivan Skyre's mother, lead to suspicions against Cresminos. While Skyrilon had no proof to blame Cresminos, Skyrilon's communications with Cresminos have remained closed to this day. Furious by these accusations, Dezmond trains his army in hopes one day he will meet Skyrilon on the battlefield and end them once and for all.


King of Cresminos

Dezmond's father. He raised Dezmond to be the ideal Cresminosi man. Dezmond idolizes his father and wishes to be a great, powerful king just like him when it is his turn at the throne. However, his father's love is very shallow, reliant on Dezmond's performance as a good prince.

Prince Ivan Skyre II

Dezmond's sworn rival. He fantasizes how he will defeat Ivan in battle and take over Skyrilon one day. From what he is told of Ivan's appearance and personality, he looks down upon him as a disgrace of a man and a failure of a leader.

Combat Ability

Dezmond is a highly skilled swordsman who can wield two swords simultaneously with ease. He is not intelligent when it comes to war strategy or dueling one on one, but the brute force of his powerful army allows him to mercilessly slay through countless foes.


Dezmond is bisexual, preferring men. At a young age, his father enforced countless female prostitutes upon him who taught him how to give the utmost pleasure possible to the women he lay with. On his 18th birthday, he became known as the most talented tongue in all of Cresminos. Countless women throw themselves upon him at all of his public appearances due to his reputation as the greatest lover of all men in the kingdom.

Despite his skill with women, Dezmond's intense pressure from his father to be with them only made him more curious about sex with men. While sex with other men was not looked down upon, Dezmond was instructed to never be seen as a bottom, and that the men must only be for his casual sexual gratification. These rules were fine at first, Dezmond would often be seen in public with his arms around one woman, and one slender young man. He was known as the prince whos cock was so satisfying even men wished they could be his wife.

But slowly, over time, Dezmond became more and more curious about what it was like to be a bottom. He would bring slender, young and beautiful, effeminate men into his chambers so no one would suspect he was the bottom. At first he would just ride their cocks to get used to the feeling of having them in his ass. But then, as that got too boring, he became more and more interested in being dominated by these seemingly inferior men. It became an exciting game of posing as the greatest top to men and women alike in front of the kingdom, upholding himself as an alpha-male, only to retire at night to his chambers and let a weaker, effeminate man breed his hole. This masculine alpha complex instilled in him at a young age eventually became the catalyst to his greatest sexual experiences as a submissive bottom.

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