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Elf Tribes (Elven Tribes)

In the beginning of time, there were a group of humanoids known as the elves. They were much taller and slimmer than humans, known for their long ears. With their longer life span and a more potent spirit than humans, it is believed by some that they were the first beings in the land, receiving more of The Goddess's aether during their creation. The creation of elves required so much aether, that the next time The Goddess attempted to make them, she failed, resulting in the more fragile human race.

Compared to humans, all elves feature long, pointed ears, taller height and slimmer weight on average. Their penises appear smaller when soft, but when erect, elven penises are much larger than humans' on average. Elven assholes also stretch much easier than humans.

Origin of the Elven Tribes

During The First War, an overarching evil spread across the land, and the elves were not as influenced by its power as humans. The humans broke out into complete chaos, lust, and greed; the elves wished to stay away from the fighting. The elves, caught in the middle of the battle between the two human factions, were forced to flee in all directions. One group of elves swam into the ocean, one group of elves climbed up onto the mountains, and one group of elves hid in the shadows of the trees in the forests. Over time, the three groups of elves became their own separate tribes with their own cultures and evolving physical properties. While they all remain of elven descent, many elves do not consider the tribes as equals, and many conflicts have existed between the three tribes throughout history.

Forest Elves

Common skin tones: Pink, Purple

Common eye colors: Purple, Blue, Pink

Common hair colors: Yellow, Silver

Average Height: 6' 5"

Average Weight: 160 lbs

Average Male's Penis: 11", uncut

Forest Elves are the most populous of the three elven tribes. Their home is the Aetherwood, south of the Skyrilon kingdom. It is said that when the elves fled into the forests, demons attacked them from the shadows. The Goddess saved the elves, and blessed the trees of the forest with her aether, creating the Aetherwood as a safe haven for the Forest Elves to live. Because of this, many Forest Elves worship The Goddess and consider the Aetherwood sacred grounds that they would protect at all costs. Even those less religious take great pride in their home, having great interest in nature and wildlife.

The Forest Elves are said to get their trademark pinkish toned skin from the pink aether coursing through the trees of the Aetherwood. Because of this aether, they have the most potent spirits of the three tribes, making them the most adept at magic of all creatures besides faeries. Besides their expertise in magic, Forest Elves are the most trained archers in the land, with archery being a very social sport even among non-trained civilians.

The bond between Forest Elves and humans has been a dynamic, ever-changing relationship. Shortly after The First War, the Forest Elves and Skyrilon formed one of the land's first alliances; both factions believing in The Goddess. However, their relationship would not always be as allies. Many past kings of Skyrilon deemed the Aetherwood to belong to Skyrilon, a stance that had infuriated the Forest Elves over the years, even resulting in war. The Forest Elves often had many disagreements with humans over their industrial cities and mistreatment of nature. However, through recent generations, Skyrilon agreed to recognize the Aetherwood as a separate kingdom belonging to the Forest Elves; the kings making great effort to form a strong alliance with them.

The first King of Skyrilon, and the first leader of the Forest Elves forming their alliance.

Today the Forest Elves consider Skyrilon their greatest allies. Many elves from the Forest Tribe often travel to Skyrilon and even make it their permanent home. There have been famous Forest Elf Knights of Skyrilon, including Kael Aerodae. The Forest Elves play an important part in Skyrilon's army, providing essential archery units on the battlefield in some of Skyrilon's most important battles.

Water Elves

Common skin tones: Blue, Grey

Common eye colors: Olive, Green, Yellow

Common hair colors: Aqua, Mint, Teal, Blue, Purple

Average Height: 6' 8"

Average Weight: 170 lbs

Average Male's Penis: 12", uncut

The least common of the three elven tribes. Their home is Maerlios, a kingdom on an island of the same name. In the story of The First War, the elves who swam into the ocean to escape the bloodshed were attacked by ravenous sea monsters. However, it was the Merfolk who killed the monsters, and guided the drowning elves onto the shore of Maerlios Island. The elves of this tribe became very secluded from the rest of the world, creating a very unique culture compared to the outside world.

The bluish pale skin of the Water Elves is said to be a result of the first elven women mating with their merfolk rescuers. This skin does not prune in water, and Water Elves have a natural ability to hold their breath underwater for an astonishing amount of time. Of the three tribes, they are the tallest, heaviest, most physically fit, and sport the largest penises. Water Elf men are known for being rough, skilled lovers. Living on an island, the tribe excels in swimming and fishing. They take pride in being ferocious, yet disciplined warriors, creating a group of coded soldiers known as The Nightshade who guard all edges of the island.

Their relationship with the Merfolk is unmatched. The Merfolk have even been known to sink invading ships before they reach the shores of Maerlios, and attack intruders attempting to reach the shores. Every year, a glorious ceremony is held in which the strongest Water Elf men have passionate sex in the water with Merfolk men in front of a grand audience.

The Water Elves are extremely cautious of outsiders. In the past they were entirely secluded, forbidding any foreigner from entry or any ship from landing on their shores. However, today they remain neutral in the conflicts between Skyrilon and Cresminos, allowing both sides to reside on their island. Still, many parts of the island are forbidden from foreigners unless given explicit permission. Protecting and upholding their unique culture is very important to them, and months of the calendar have many joyous celebrations throughout the island. The Water Elves live in a constant balance of disciplined, respected rule structure, and wild carefree fun.

Mountain Elves

Common skin tones: Orange, Brown, Yellow

Common eye colors: Dark Blue, Black, Grey

Common hair colors: Black

Average Height: 6' 2"

Average Weight: 150 lbs

Average Male's Penis: 10", uncut

In The First War, a group of elves climb up into the mountains to escape the battle between humans, assumed to be the area now known as The Harpy Peaks. These elves became mesmerized by an enormous volcano in the distance, and left the peaks to investigate the giant flaming mountain. Along the way, the elves were attacked by the orcs, the natural inhabitants of the volcanic region. Completely outmatched in battle due to their lacking physical form, the elves managed to use their wits to trick the orcs into various traps, giving them an advantage which led to their victory. This primitive battle set the stage for the future of the Mountain Elves and the Kingdom of Fyraenia.

Living in the volcanic region beyond the Harpy Peaks, the Mountain Elves are said to sport an orange skin which has increased resistance to high temperatures and burns. The Mountain Elves are the thinnest, shortest, least muscular, elves. While they have the smallest penises amongst the three tribes, often teased by the Water Elves, they are still enormous compared to those of humans.

While the Mountain Elves are not experts in any sort of combat or magic, they quickly focused their efforts on technology and construction. Their region is harsh and lacking of many vital resources, including a scarce amount of lumber. Because of this, they adapted to a society which relies on metal smithing and mining, leading to the unique construction of their nation of Fyraenia. The mines within the mountains around Fyraenia contain magical aether which they use to power their cities with a miraculous magical energy source. Their buildings are enormous pillars constructed of metal, with glowing lights and advanced water systems. Even the lower class live a seemingly royal state of life compared to the poor citizens of other nearby nations.

Fyraenia is a harsh, hostile nation. The Mountain Elves refuse to associate themselves with the other elven tribes, or any other race of creature for that matter, believing their race is superior to all others. They enslave all unlike themselves to work in their mining camps, and kill any mixed breed children on sight, their parents imprisoned. The citizens of Fyraenia live in constant fear of the royal family's strict rules yet they too agree their race is superior to outsiders and hold those same beliefs. The nation has been in constant struggle with the orcs since its creation, the orcs being the elves main source of slaves. The orcs large, muscular bodies handle much of the elves' physical labor. It was the orcs that were forced to build Fyraenia and mine the ores that would later empower it.

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