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Faerie (Faeries)

Concept drawing of a female faerie with blue-colored aether.

Average Height: 1'

Average Weight: a few pounds

Average Male's Penis: 1" , uncut

*Faeries have the ability to change their size at will using magic

Faeries are magical creatures who are made up almost entirely of aether. They can instinctively cast potent magic spells, their bodies naturally replenishing aether. Because of this, they are known as being living vessels of infinite supply of magical power. Their home is known as The Eternabloom, a kingdom of enormously-sized flowers hidden deep within the Aetherwood.

While male and female faeries do exist, they do not reproduce. Instead, faeries are created by the Faerie Queen's release of magic into the world. Faeries exist in all kinds of colors of aether. It is said the color of their aether is caused by the faerie's individual personality. Faeries do not die naturally, living seemingly infinite lives. However, unlike other creatures and races, faeries will die if they run completely out of aether in their bodies. It it still possible to murder a faerie, either by absorbing all of their aether, or by damaging their bodies to an extreme that their healing magics drain all possible aether they possess.

The existence of faeries has caused much controversy and speculation throughout the land for as long as they have been known. There are many arguments regarding the significance of the existence of faeries. Some believe that faeries are direct descendants of The Goddess, and deserve to be worshiped and protected as sacred. Meanwhile, others believe they are simply creatures who have naturally higher amounts of aether within their bodies.

For many years, the fae lived among humans and elves alike. The fae often worked together with the Forest Elves to protect nature and the Aetherwood from destruction. However, it became known that faeries aether could be absorbed into magical staves and other items. Soon after, the fae were hunted, captured, enslaved, and even killed so that their aether may be used to empower magics. The fae have always considered themselves higher than animals, and a race of people just like humans and elves, and found these actions unforgivable. They used their magic to cloak the Eternabloom from forever being accessible to anyone but the fae. Since then, no one has seen a single faerie to this day. The Faerie Queen forever banishing any interaction between fae and non-fae.

The Faerie Queen

The Faerie Queen is the leader and creator of all faeries. How exactly she became the queen or how she was created is not exactly known. However, she watches over Eternabloom and her countless fae children. She is an all-powerful magic caster, with seemingly infinite aether. Some believe she is the deity referred to as The Goddess, while devout believers of The Goddess believing The Faerie Queen is simply a creation of The Goddess necessary to gift magic to mankind in moderation.

The Elder Fae

The Elder Fae are the first wave of faeries which were created by The Faerie Queen. They are the oldest of the Queen's children, and act as her counsel over Eternabloom. When the Queen rests inside her budded flower, the elder fae control the order of faekind. These fae are especially hostile against humans, elves, and orcs. They believe they are truely evil and act only to imprison and slay faekind. They constantly warn each new wave of fae children the dangers of interacting with nonfae, ordering them never to reveal themselves to anyone.


The Eternabloom, existing south of the Aetherwood, is regarded by some as the origination of all aether, and is what gave the Aetherwood its special properties. It is the sacred grounds of the fae, which they protect at all costs. The Faerie Queen, who is the mother of all faeries, rests in an enormous budded flower at the center of their kingdom. When she reveals herself, the flower blooms and scatters aether further across the land, giving birth to more faeries.

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