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Harpy (Harpies)

Average Height: 5'4"

Average Weight: 160 lbs

Harpies are an exclusively female race of predatory, ferocious bird women. Their homeland, The Harpy Peaks, is named after them to warn travelers of their danger.

The harpies have constructed many small villages of huts throughout the mountains between the nations of Skyrilon and Fyraenia. Typically they do not follow any sort of government mentality, acting more as traveling nomads, however, as the species's unique attributes have started to deteriorate, elder harpies have become regarded as higher in power.

While many men would describe today's harpies as beautiful women with winged talons, they were not always so human-like. Their original form was ghastly, and made almost entirely of bird. Within recent years, harpies stopped mating with orcs and beasts, and instead started finding humans more desirable. Researches have never figured out what caused such a change in their sexual behaviors. The countrymen of Skyrilon's farms must be on their guard at all times due to the rising threat of harpy attacks. Human men began to be captured at an alarming rate, raped by the harpies, and human women were attacked as well and robbed of their keepsakes to further imitate their beauty. These offspring between harpy and human became much more human-like and over time the gene pool of the harpies has changed significantly.

The elder harpies regard these newer form of harpies as unequal. Often treating them like slaves and careless of their deaths.

(Chapter 6 Spoilers)

The genes of the harpies had deteriorated so far, that eventually some became more human than they were harpy. This became even more apparent when one day a young harpy gave birth to the first harpy boy. Astonished by this seemingly impossible feat, they regarded the boy as a gift from the gods, and treated him as sacred. He was

named Zephyr, and raised with the intention that he would be a limitless breeding tool for all of the harpy women, forever preventing their race from mating with humans again. However, Zephyr became older and realized his dire worth to all of the harpies. He took this to his advantage and demanded he be named the King of the Harpies. He ruled over the harpies with careless, strict rule. Demanding all follow his pompous orders. The harpies loathe their new king, however, in return for following his commands, he provides his seed necessary for them to continue without the need of human mates.

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