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Human (Humans)

Humans are the most common race in the known world. In early times, it is said that an evil energy spread throughout the land, affecting humans with their first cravings for chaos, war, lust, and greed. This war forced humans into two sides, which eventually led to the kingdoms of Skyrilon and Cresminos. The two nations live on seperate continents, Skyrilon in Weslarin, and Cresminos in Estidon. This has led to some slight changes in physical attributes over many years.

Weslarinians and Skyren

Skin tone: Pale to Dark

Eye colors: Blue, Brown, Red (rare)

Hair colors: Brown, Blonde

Average Height: 5' 11"

Average Weight: 190 lbs

Average Male's Penis: 7", cut

Humans originating from Weslarin often have fairer skin than those from Estidon. The Skyre royal family, which is said to be the most "pure" of Weslarins, have a dominant gene of fair blonde hair and bright red eyes with very pale skin. Those who inherit these genes are known as "Skyren". While on average Weslarinians have lighter toned skin than those from Estidon, some people from Weslarin have a unique, very dark skin tone.

Estidonian - Cresminosi and Asondians

Skin tone: Fair to Dark

Eye colors: Green, Brown

Hair colors: Red, Black, Brown

Average Height: 5' 10"

Average Weight: 185 lbs

Average Male's Penis: 7", cut

There are two races of human in Estidon. The humans whose descendants traveled across the ocean from Weslarin to Estidon to form Cresminos are known as Cresminosi. The native peoples of Estidon are known as Asondians, named after their original kingdom, Asondia. However, since the unification of Cresminos and Asondia many generations ago, many people refer to all Estidonians as "Cresminosi" inaccurately.

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