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Prince Ivan Skyre II

Ivan Skyre II is the son of Ivan Skyre I and Mellanie Skyre. He is the Prince of Skyrilon.

Race: Human

Age: 18

Measurements: 5'9", 110 lbs, 6 in cut

Orientation: Gay

Weapon: Fan

Game Appearance

Ivan is a main character of the Skyrilon Knights game and is playable in Chapter 9.


Ivan and his older sister, Tessa, grew up as very spoiled royalty, spending their earliest days running through the castle halls and doing as they pleased.

While Tessa was curious about the outside world and was quite the trouble maker, Ivan spent most of his time around his mother. He idolized his mother, Queen Mellanie, more than anyone; picking up her hobbies such as reading and baking. Mellanie had taught Ivan to be a kind and selfless person, and would accompany him to meet with the citizens of Skyrilon and give bread and desserts they had baked together to the people. The two of them became wildly popular figures among the peasants and communication between the people and the kingdom grew as a result.

Ivan's life drastically changed when the Queen was assassinated by an unknown and unseen person. Ivan was the one to find Mellanie as she laid dying on the ground inside the Skyrilon castle. In her final moments she ripped a piece of her red dress and placed it around Ivan's wrist, which he wears still to this day.

Ever since his mother's assassination, King Ivan began to have tight control over the castle and his two children. Ivan began to live a very sheltered and secluded life and was not allowed to leave the castle under any circumstances. The kingdom quickly became out of touch with the people and Ivan grew to be naive and out of touch with the rest of the world as a result. He often does not know knowledge of any people or places that are not written in books he has read, and he never expects a person to have ill intentions towards him.

On Ivan's 18th birthday, as the tradition of all Skyrilon's princes, Ivan needed to be assigned his Prince's Guard to accompany him on his adventures as an adult. The free-for-all competition was held in celebration of his birthday, and in the end, Zade Elthund was the winner. However, Zade quickly proved to be unfit as the Prince's Guard, and Derek Clodune was chosen by Prince Ivan as the replacement.


Tessa Skyre

Ivan's sister. They have very contrasting personalities and often argue with each other. Still, the love between the two is obvious.

Ivan Skyre I

Ivan's father. They have never been very close, and the king's recent strict control over Ivan's life has put a strain on their relationship; creating a rebellious streak in him to disobey his father's orders and deny his beliefs and values.

Derek Clodune

Ivan's Prince's Guard. Ivan was instantly enamored by Derek's good looks and kind soul, inviting him to compete to be Ivan's Prince's Guard. Ivan looks up to Derek as a selfless person who wishes to do only what is right and to help others. He hopes with Derek by his side he may learn more about the world around him. Over the course of their time together Ivan quickly realizes he wishes to be with Derek more than anyone else as his sole romantic partner.

Kael Aerodae

Before King Ivan's strict rules kept Ivan from leaving the castle, Prince Ivan would often visit Kael Aerodae in the Aetherwood. Ivan appreciated the way the forest elves valued beauty and nature, and always found Kael to be extremely attractive and a kind person. However, they have lost touch since Ivan was not able to see Kael for many years.

Zade Elthund

Ivan's previous lover. They met in secret because of Zade's Cresminosian heritage. Ivan saw in Zade a dangerous bad-boy and a masculine protective figure, which seemed very attractive to Ivan as he began to rebel against his father's wishes. It was their plan that Zade would become Ivan's Prince's Guard so that they may be together without it being secretive. This plan worked until Zade's jealousy and bitterness of the other Skyrilon Knights drove him to take actions against his duties as Prince's Guard. Since then, Ivan feels he can not completely trust Zade and cuts off their relationship.

Combat Ability

Ivan is not an experienced fighter and has not been in any real physical combat. However, he has been trained in martial arts and fencing since a young age. His weapon of choice is a bladed steel fan, the same weapon his mother was famous for wielding. It was his choice to continue his mother's fighting style, which was taught to her by a friend in Maerlios. While his mother was known in her past to be a ruthless fighter, Ivan fears conflict especially if it directly involves him, and has never personally used his weapon to injure others.

Like others in the Skyre bloodline, Ivan has a potent spirit that allows him to naturally learn magic if he dedicates to the practice. Without realizing he casted magic, he used his fan to conjure supernatural winds to clear away Zade's smokebomb from the castle banquet hall.


Ivan identifies himself as gay. He has no interest in dating women or having sex with them. He is very promiscuous and uses his status as prince to gain any sexual partner he pleases. Since a consenting age he became very attracted to all of the fit, masculine soldiers surrounding his castle and protecting him at all times. It is not uncommon of Ivan to spot a particularly handsome soldier in the castle halls and bring him back to Ivan's chambers. In Ivan's rebellious streak, he would often try to have sex with his father's soldiers without getting caught, or give them blowjobs under the table while counseling with his father.

Despite this behavior, Ivan likes romantic and passionate sex with his partners and will often wish that his partners hold him close, kiss him, and make him feel safe. It was only with Zade that he enjoyed having rougher, kinkier sex; in which Ivan thoroughly loved being slutty and submissive.

Ivan is almost exclusively a bottom, however, as the prince, many of Ivan's partners have lived out their fantasy of pleasing royalty.

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