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Jared Irune (Jared the Great)

Jared Irune, known as "Jared the Great", was previously the leader of the Skyrilon Knights. He is the childhood friend of Derek Clodune and the older brother of Marcus Irune.

Race: Human

Age: 26

Measurements: 6'4", 250 lbs, 6.5" cut

Orientation: Straight

Weapon: Mechanical Guantlet

Game Appearance

Jared is a main character in the Skyrilon Knights game and is playable in Chapter 7.


The Irune family were poor peasants who worked on the farms outside of Skyrilon. Through this work, Jared and Marcus met Derek Clodune as small children. Jared quickly noticed his family was struggling to make ends meet, and that his father was getting too old for rigorous farm labor. He began training to become a Skyrilon Knight and eventually passed his trials.

As a Skyrilon Knight, he quickly rose up the ranks and earned the respect of the royal family. He could outmatch any opponent, except for Aedin Waetro, making him the second strongest of all Skyrilon Knights. Jared began to lead many skirmishes under King Ivan's personal army. Eventually the King needed to assign a new leader of the Skyrilon Knights between Aedin and Jared. It was Jared's humble and rational personality that made him more fit in the King's eyes as a leader to his fellow Knights, rather than Aedin.

Jared Irune as a Skyrilon Knight.

Jared had a kind and gentle air to him that resonated with the people of Skyrilon. As the leader of the Skyrilon Knights, he was adored by all of the citizens, and Jared would often meet with the people in accordance with King Ivan to boost the morale of the lower class. All of the Skyrilon Knights looked up to him, and wished to strengthen their bond with him, however, Jared did not accept any of the sexual advances from any of the male knights.

Rumors of his heterosexuality started to spread, and he was often called "Sir Straight" behind his back. It put a strain between Jared and many of the other Knights. This was a constant struggle for Jared as he wished to be cordial with everyone and was expected to be the epitome of the perfect Skyrilon Knight as their leader. He simply could not find himself interested in the other male knights. This made Jared feel as if he must overcompensate by being an even more powerful fighter and courageous leader.

One day, orcs threatened a peasant village and the Skyrilon Knights were sent to their aid. The orcs were lead by their own leader, Ulmragha Thundercrash. Jared in an attempt to impress his fellow Knights challenged Ulmragha to a one on one duel to end the fighting. Jared was an equal fighter to Ulmragha, but Jared was overconfident and wished to show off in front of his peers. A seemingly quick defeat of Ulmragha turned out to be a trick, and Ulmragha sliced off Jared's arm once Jared approached the wounded orc. The orcs retreated with Jared's arm as a trophy of their victory.

Jared spent months in a magic sleep, recovering due to the efforts of healing mages in The Aetherwood. His arm could not be replaced through magic, and he received word that he would be relieved of his duties as a Skyrilon Knight due to his missing limb. Jared immediately felt empty and ashamed. He fled The Aetherwood without notice, and took refuge deep into the forest, never to be seen by anyone again. Some rumors suggest he committed suicide, and some say he has traveled alone to get his revenge on the orcs. Still, no one, not even his family or younger brother know what has happened to "Jared the Great".

(Chapter 7 Spoilers)

Jared's new home is within the forests past The Aetherwood, close to the location of Eternabloom. He now lives with his faerie companion, Sprix, in a magically cloaked cabin so that none may find him. Jared hopes to help Sprix rescue the faeries that were captured by the Kingdom of Fyraenia.


Marcus Irune

Jared's younger brother. Jared's goal was to be an astounding role model for Marcus, as he always felt Marcus had trouble fitting in with kids his own age. He saw great responsibility in making a good impression on his younger brother and attempted to raise him to honor his parents while Jared became a Knight.

Derek Clodune Marcus and Jared's childhood friend. Jared was happy that Derek was such good friends with his younger brother, and had a great amount of respect for him. He saw Derek as a much more capable worker and fighter than his younger brother, hoping that being friends with Derek would allow Marcus to shape up into a better adult.

King Ivan Skyre I

Jared was the leader of the Skyrilon Knights, and was a part of King Ivan Skyre's personal unit. He was close to the king and protected him in combat on many occasions. King Ivan had seen Jared as the ideal leader of the Skyrilon Knights prior to his injury.

(Chapter 7 Spoilers)


A faerie from Eternabloom. Sprix revealed himself to Jared after sensing his kindness and loneliness in his heart. The two have become inseparable and great friends. Sprix agreed to power his mechanical gauntlet to help him fight again, if Jared agreed to help Sprix rescue his friends from the Mountain Elves.

Combat Ability

Jared is an experienced combatant, unmatched by very few foes. He is considered the second strongest of all of the Skyrilon Knights, only matched by Aedin Waetro. He was one of the few strong enough to perfectly wield a greatsword in combat prior to his injury. He was known as not only a strong and powerful warrior who could wield his enormous sword, but also an intelligent tactician who could outsmart his foes as well.

(Chapter 7 Spoilers) After his injury, Jared constantly searched for ways to replace his missing limb. He eventually created a technological marvel: a mechanical metal gauntlet that could be powered by magic. With Sprix contained inside the guantlet, the faerie's magic can animate the guantlet to be a full-functioning limb with super strength. The guantlet can also be used in accordance with Sprix to shoot magic blasts at opponents or to create extremely powerful magic-imbued punches. He is also able to lift extremely heavy objects with ease.


Jared is heterosexual. He does not find men attractive in any way. His only sexual encounter with a man was during his trial to become a Skyrilon Knight, in which he did so only to become a Knight and did not enjoy the sexual encounter.

Jared in the height of his popularity was considered very attractive by almost every woman in the kingdom, and it was very easy for him to find sexual partners. Women were constantly attempting to meet him at his chambers at night in hopes to have sex with Jared the Great. It was fairly common to see three or four women at once leaving his chambers in the mornings. He is known for having a pierced cock that feels especially sensitive to his partners.

Jared always felt out of place with the rest of the Skyrilon Knights as he did not wish to have sex with any of them. Even though he wished to have a stronger bond with his fellow knights, they would not bother with him since he would not reciprocate in sex.

(Chapter 7 Spoilers)

After his injury, Jared began work on his mechanical gauntlet. He wished to include features of the gauntlet which would aid in sexual pleasure of other Knights in hopes he could become a Skyrilon Knight again. He worked with Sprix tirelessly to come up with these features, and so the two of them have interacted sexually to "research" human male pleasure. Eventually the two came up with a device within the chamber of the guantlet to allow a penis to be inserted. Through this he created the first masturbation device. Using magic, it can vibrate, lubricate, and create warmth on the penis meanwhile detecting the perfect amounts of these features for the person's maximum pleasure. Jared often tests the device on himself, resulting in covering Sprix, inside the guantlet chamber, in Jared's cum.

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