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Kael Aerodae

Kael Aerodae is a Skyrilon Knight, leader of the Forest Elves archery unit, armor designer for the Kingom of Skyrilon, and was previously the Prince's Guard to King Aaron Skyre.

Race: Forest Elf

Age: 100+

Measurements: 6'7", 150 lbs, 12" uncut

Orientation: Bisexual

Weapon: Bow

Game Appearance

Kael is a main character in the Skyrilon Knights game and is playable in Chapter 4.


It is said that since The First War, the Humans and Forest Elves have been unrivaled allies. Many Forest Elves travel to and from the Kingdom of Skyrilon and The Aetherwood. Kael Aerodae is no exception to this.

When Kael was younger, he took great pride in upkeeping his personal appearance, sense of style with fashionable clothing, and charismatic attitude. All of his actions were intensely calculated to make him seem like the perfect forest elven man. Many Forest Elves get to know each other at archery shooting ranges; Kael perfected his aim with the bow specifically to impress and make friends with others. Kael became so skilled with a bow that it is said he no longer misses any of his shots with perfect aim. Many of Skyrilon's archers tested him in shooting contests, all of which Kael was the victor. This drew the attention of the royal family of Skyrilon, in which Kael was asked to take the trials to become a Skyrilon Knight.

As a Skyrilon Knight, Kael found the armors to be of very dull and unflattering appearance. In his free time he started working as an apprentice to a blacksmith who made armors for the Skyrilon army. Through this talent Kael learned to make his own armors and weapons, in his personal unique and flashy style. He began to wear his own armors around the castle instead of his traditional armor. This was considered disrespectful to the kingdom, and the King of Skyrilon was not pleased. Kael met in counsel with the royal family and was expected to be imprisoned for his actions, but Prince Aaron Skyre was so enamored by Kael's appearance that he convinced his father to simply give Kael a warning.

Through this confrontation, Kael gained the trust and friendship of Prince Aaron. Prince Aaron was very impressionable and Kael knew exactly how to appear mysteriously attractive to the prince. Aaron wished to see Kael's artistry flourish, and gave Kael the opportunity to present his works in a fashion show for the people of Skyrilon. Kael's shows became very popular amongst the citizens and became a way to show off the most talented Skyrilon Knights to the commoners. It was the citizens who insisted that the armors of the Skyrilon army be redesigned by Kael. After this, Kael worked as the armor designer for the royal family, and he was invited to Prince Aaron's Prince's Guard competition.

Kael trained diligently in combat and won the title of Prince Aaron's Prince's Guard. Aaron was head over heels for Kael, and was quick to show off Kael to others. They were always seen with their arms locked together, and Kael was the perfect debonair gentleman to the Prince. The two became passionate lovers, and Aaron asked that Kael kept their true feelings a secret as Aaron becomes married to his future queen. For the rest of Aaron's life they were in true love. Even as a king, Aaron showed more attention to Kael than to the queen. But as elves outlive humans, Aaron eventually passes away.

Although it was inevitable, Kael was devastated and the loss of King Aaron changed his life forever. He wished to no longer have so much attention drawn towards him, and felt it was best to move back to his original home in The Aetherwood. Among the elves again he dedicated his time to his blacksmithing and teaching others his archery skills. He earned a respectable position from the Forest Tribe elders and began leading a group of skilled archers to protect The Aetherwood from danger and help fight in Skyrilon's battles. Throughout time he has assisted and counseled King Aaron's son, King Ivan Skyre, as well as his grandson Prince Ivan Skyre II. Both remind Kael so much of the late King Aaron.


King Aaron Skyre

Kael was his Prince's Guard and life-long romantic partner. Kael was close to King Aaron every moment of his rule, and Kael learned the ins and outs of the Skyrilon Kingdom. This gave him great experience to counsel the future King Ivan and Prince Ivan.

Aedin Waetro

One of Kael's closest friends. They both were elves who served Skyrilon away from their homeland and have fought many battles together. They found each other very attractive and were casual sexual partners before Kael's relationship with King Aaron.

Prince Ivan Skyre II

Between Prince Ivan and his father, Prince Ivan reminds Kael the most of the late King Aaron. Because of this, Kael considers Ivan very special and made an effort to form a close bond with him at a young age. Ivan often would make visits to The Aetherwood to meet with Kael before King Ivan placed strict rules on Ivan from leaving the castle. Kael constantly restrains himself from making the same mistake of falling in love with a human.

Derek Clodune

Kael constantly compares Derek's lack of experience as Prince Ivan's Prince's Guard to his own experience as Prince Aaron's. Kael is very critical of Derek's skill level and fears that Derek is not a capable Prince's Guard to Prince Ivan. He even goes behind Derek's back to inform King Ivan of Derek's behavior. The relationship between the two of them is very strained because of this. Ultimately, Kael is jealous of Derek and Ivan's closeness, and Derek becomes jealous of Kael's seemingly effortless charm on Prince Ivan.

Combat Ability

Kael is a master archer who perfectly crafts his own bow and arrows. He originally learned archery as a hobby sport, however his skill became so great he was then asked to use his skills in battle for Skyrilon. Although he has absolute perfect aim with a bow, his combat skills with other weaponry are very limited. In close range combat he often resorts to disarming his opponent or distracting his opponent with flexible acrobatics before making another shot at them.

Kael has a strong magical spirit which has allowed him on many occasions to detect magical traps and incoming spells.


Kael is bisexual but prefers men. In his youth he had countless sexual partners of both genders due to his calculated charm. He is a master pick up artist who is said to have never been denied.

With female or male bottom partners he loves to use his debonair attitude to create the perfect romantic and passionate experience for them. Kael also enjoys bottoming for male partners and prefers men with big cocks. Because of this he often prefers other elven men and is one of the few who can easily bottom for Aedin Waetro, owning the largest known penis in the land. The two have been known to be casual sexual partners before and after Kael's relationship with King Aaron.

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