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King Aaron Skyre

Deceased. A previous King of Skyrilon. He was the father of King Ivan Skyre I and grandfather of Prince Ivan Skyre II and Princess Tessa Skyre.

Game Appearance

Aaron does not appear in the Skyrilon Knights game, though he is mentioned in the game's story.


King Aaron was a violent king, constantly leading battles. He made boosting the strength of the Skyrilon army his highest priority. He admired physical strength above all else and did not accept mediocre combat skill from anyone close to him.

Because of this, Skyrilon became a powerful military nation which was feared by their rivals. No one dared to attack Skyrilon or their allies, and those that did suffered swift defeat with King Aaron himself leading the armies.

Many of Aaron's knights and companions became famous and recorded in history texts for their bravery and combat skill. This includes his Prince's Guard and King's Guard: Kael Aerodae, who became famous for his archery skills during battles with King Aaron. Secretly they lead a passionate love life behind the queen's back. Kael was constantly frustrated with Aaron's need to plunge himself into extremely dangerous battles, knowing Aaron's life was to be guarded by Kael at all times, however, together they were an unstoppable duo.

Despite his constant need for bloodshed, Aaron was also good at diplomacy, courteous to guests and kept quite a level head outside of battle. He deemed it very important to be respected and show respect to those who earned it in his eyes. From a young age, Kael's proper and sophisticated personality rubbed off on him, as he saw the energy Kael exuded drew amazement even from those who did not know him.

He wanted nothing more than to die knowing he could pass on Skyrilon to his son in its most powerful state.


Kael Aerodae

King Aaron's Prince's Guard, and King's Guard. Kael knew exactly how to flirt with Prince Aaron and they quickly became romantic partners behind closed doors. Their relationship was passionate, as both were madly in love with each other. They never confessed their love to anyone, due to Aaron's marriage to the queen. When Aaron passed away, it devestated Kael and changed his life forever.

Ivan Skyre I

King Aaron's son, then the Prince of Skyrilon. Aaron was always ashamed that his son would never grow up to be a strong warrior like he was. However, he watched Ivan carefully and noticed his passion for other ventures which would make him a great future king.

Ivan Skyre II

King Aaron's grandson. He was born when Aaron was starting to become ill in his old age. Still, he tried his best to make a lasting impression on his grandson.

Combat Ability

Aaron devoted his life to practicing combat and mastered countless weapons including various swords, axes, spears, hammers, and martial weapons. His signature weapons were chain flails attached to the armor on his wrists, with small hand axes on each end. He could hold them as short axes in each hand at close range, or extend the chains and slice through hordes of his enemies in front of him with ease.

This paired perfectly with Kael's archery expertise, allowing him to stay a safe distance from Aaron while picking off the foes Aaron's weapons missed. The two men practiced together to perfect this technique leading to many seemingly impossible outnumbered victories.


Aaron was bisexual, but preferred men. With male partners, he was a top.

At a young age, Aaron thought he was straight. However, as he got older, he began to throw lavish parties in the castle, resulting in huge orgies that allowed him to experiment with men and women alike. And as he became more and more obsessed with battle and physical strength, he began to admire the male form more and more.

His Prince's Guard, Kael, was the perfect sexual partner for him. He was muscular and strong, but also took great care of his appearance. While most Prince's Guards will top the Prince on their first night together, Aaron ravished Kael and asserted his dominant role, to which a surprised Kael certainly enjoyed. Afterwards the two constantly had sex, Aaron fucking Kael in secret multiple times a day throughout the castle, knowing they could get caught adding to the excitement of it all.

During his marriage, he rarely would have sex with his queen. Mostly just so she could give birth to a child. Their marriage was very forced and the two were not very close.

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