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King Ivan Skyre I

King Ivan Skyre I is the current reigning king of the Skyrilon Kingdom, and is the father of Prince Ivan Skyre II as well as Princess Tessa Skyre. He is the son of the late King Aaron Skyre.

Race: Human

Age: 46

Measurements: 5'11", 180 lbs, 6 in cut

Orientation: Straight

Weapon: Concealed Blade (Scepter)

Game Appearance

King Ivan is NOT playable in the Skyrilon Knights games although she does appear in the game's story.


Ivan grew up as the son of King Aaron Skyre. His father was known as The Warrior King, and was one of the most ambitious kings in Skyrilon's recorded history. The amount of bloodshed King Aaron caused in the name of Skyrilon was said to be equal to The First War. They drove out the orcs for many years, vanquished the kobold's attempts to overtake Skyrilon farmlands, further protected the Aetherwood from destructive goblins. His greatest feat was slaying an enormous griffon that lived amongst Harpy Peaks.

As a child, Ivan looked up to his father as a great warrior and aspired to be like him. However, Ivan was born with many physical health problems that kept him from taking to battle. He would often experience extreme shortness of breath just from simple duels and sparring practice. This greatly upset his father and put great shame and insecurity on Prince Ivan I.

As Ivan grew older, his inability for physical strength led to his focus in books. He meticulously studied past war texts, military strategy, diplomacy, economy, and government. It was through this study and understanding of the trade routes from Skyrilon to Cresminos he first laid eyes upon his future wife Mellanie who he felt he loved at first sight.

As an adult Prince Ivan I often accompanied his father and gave important strategic advice in his battles. He constantly sought the approval of his father despite not being able to contribute physically to battles. Still he often was not given credit to his contributions to The Warrior King's victories.

As King Aaron grew old and passed away, Ivan became the new King of Skyrilon, and his wife Mellanie the Queen. His first actions as king were to reduce the violent activity of the Skyrilon army, and focus more on economy and advancement causes. With the powerful army King Aaron left behind, combined with the rich economy King Ivan created, Skyrilon became a peaceful, prosperous, successful nation that all would eye with admiration.


King Aaron Skyre

Ivan's father. Although he never quite got the confirmation he wanted from his father when he was alive, he believes his father would be proud to see Skyrilon in its current state.

King's Guard

King Ivan's King's Guard is a nameless colossal giant. He has never taken off his helmet in front of others, so none have seen his face, not even the king. He also never speaks and has never told his name. Still, the brute man won in the arena as King Ivan's Prince's Guard and has remained diligent in his role ever since.

Mellanie Skyre

King Ivan's wife. He first met her when he visited sea trade routes to further study them. He was enamored by not only her beauty but her physical strength, wit, and skill in trade. Although a forced marriage he treated her very well and often consulted her on economic affairs. Her murder sent him into a rage that tightened security and war efforts throughout the kingdom.

Prince Ivan Skyre II

King Ivan's son. After the passing of the queen, their relationship soured as King Ivan became more strict with his son's behavior. Prince Ivan often lashed out at him because of this and started taking his responsibilities as prince less seriously.

Princess Tessa Skyre

King Ivan's daughter. Their relationship has never really been very strong. He wanted to use her status as princess to wed her to a suitable host of another kingdom, but Mellanie would not allow it.

Combat Ability

King Ivan is very horrible in combat. He has many health problems even in his youth including asthma which makes him quickly exhausted and out of breath. As a young man he attempted many times to train and better his skills in combat but he often felt not physically able to. Now in his older age it is even more difficult for him.

Still, he carries with him a scepter which contains a concealed blade for self-defense.


King Ivan is heterosexual. From a consenting age he realized it was very easy to find sexual partners as the prince, despite this, especially compared to other past and future princes, his sex life has always been quite tame.

Because his Prince's Guard was a Giant, gay sex was quite impossible. Though Ivan would often give him handjobs when the giant man's animalistic urges took over.

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