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Kingdom of Cresminos

Cresminos is the largest human kingdom on the continent of Estidon. Throughout the ages they have been the rivals of Skyrilon, since their defeat in the fabled First War. Their kingdom is represented by an emblem of a blue square surrounded by angular swirls.

The Origin of Cresminos

During The First War, humans of Weslarin were split among two groups. One group was led by the Skyre family, and one was led by the Cresmini family. The two engaged in a war, with the Skyre family as the victor. The Cresmini's army surrendered, and were forced by the Skyres to take ships across the ocean with no supplies. The Skyres assumed their death into a seemingly infinite ocean and built their kingdom: Skyrilon.

The Cresmini spent many days drifting into the ocean, not knowing of any possible land. Many of their people died slow painful deaths on the ships. The remaining prayed out to a goddess of water to save them. Seemingly hearing their pleas, an enormous wave pushed their ships at miraculous speeds without damaging their ships. When the men looked into the ocean, they saw land in the distance, which became known as the continent of Estidon.

The Cresmini landed on the shore of Estidon, able to catch fish, scavenge, and replenish themselves. They then decided to travel the continent to find a suitable place to start their kingdom. Unknowing to them, they headed straight into a harsh, scarce desert. Many of their travelers died in the striking heat as they ran out of resources once again. Again they prayed to the water goddess they believed had answered their prayer. They prayed as they marched and began to see an enormous, lush oasis in the middle of the desert. They declared the oasis sacred ground and began building the kingdom of Cresminos around it.


The Cresminosi were not the only humans who lived on the continent of Estidon. Besides the Nekita tribe who traveled the deserts to the south, there were native humans who lived to the north in a nation called Asondia. Cresminosi soldiers came across Asondia while looking for locations to expand their kingdom. The people of Asondia knew of the desert but did not attempt to live in it needlessly, as their homelands were rich with grasslands, forests, and mountains. The Asondians lived so far from the desert they were not even aware an entire kingdom had arisen there.

Upon discovering each other, the royal families of both kingdoms met for great feasts at each of their kingdoms. They seemed to becoming great allies and agreed to establish fair borders between the two nations. At one of these feasts in Asondia, the King of Cresminos was told the story of Mazuna Lake, said to have magical powers of healing from the Asondian people. The King believed this was the home of the believed water goddess, and secretly plotted to take the land from Asondia. Upon leaving the feast, Cresminos amassed an enormous army and pushed into the lands of Asondia resulting in a great war.

Cresminos was the winner of this war, as the Asondians were a peaceful nation not prepared for a large scale battle. Cresminos took full control of Asondia, executing all of their government officials and royalty. They set up luxurious castles and shrines surrounding Mazuna Lake, declaring "Mazuna" the water diety they had prayed to for generations, despite the magical powers of the lake being nothing but a fairy tale.

To this day, Asondia's land has been controlled under Cresminos. Most of Cresminos traveled back to the desert over the years, already accustomed to that lifestyle. Although it is owned by Cresminos, much of Asondia's culture remained and thrives through the land outside of the desert. This distance has helped heal the wounds between Cresminosi and Asondian people as time has passed through centuries, however, the younger generation of Asondians keep a deep hatred for the Cresminosi government, inspired by tales of the Cresminos Kingdom's wrongdoings to their people so long ago.

Government and Culture


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