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Maethew Irune

Maethew Irune is the half-elf future son of Jared Irune and Maelina Irune.

Race: Half-Elf (Human and Forest Elf)

Age: 18

Measurements: 5'11", 115 lbs, 9 in uncut

Orientation: Gay

Weapon: Aetherblasers

Game Appearance

Maethew is NOT playable in the Skyrilon Knights games but is referred to in the story.


After Jared Irune helped the Skyrilon Knights rescue the fae from enslavement by Fyraenia, he returned to live in the Aetherwood to further establish a relationship between humans and elves and the faeries. Living among the elves, he fell in love with a forest elf woman named Maelina. She would later give birth to Jared's son: Maethew Irune.

The Forst Elves look down upon marriage between elf and human, seeing it as foolish that an elf would devote their life to a human who will die soon compared to an elf's lengthy lifespan. Their children are seen as acts of lust rather than wise planning. Regardless, Maethew would be born and known as the son of Jared the Great. Throughout Skyrilon he was admired, although a lot of pressure was placed on him to achieve great things just as his father did.

Maethew spent much of his childhood with his mother in the Aetherwood while his father was away fighting for Skyrilon in Prince Ivan's army. He wasn't able to get along well with the other forest elven children due to being half human. Many times he was teased, and he would cry and run away into the woods to be alone.

One day, Maethew had stumbled into the location of Eternabloom. Seeking peace from those bullying him, he thought of the somber place deep within the forest the perfect spot to be alone. Maethew had met Sprix before, and knew his father had visited Eternabloom, but little did he know he was standing upon it.

The faeries saw the crying Maethew, recognizing his spirit as the son of Jared Irune. Trusting that Jared's son would be safe, two faeries revealed themselves to him: Sylphreed and Sylas. Sylphreed was of silver aether, and took on a bulky physical form. Sylas was of lilac aether, and took on an androgynous slender form. The two faeries consoled Maethew, and promised they would befriend him so he would not be alone.

Maethew was ecstatic to show his father that he also had faerie companions. Jared was thankful to the two faeries for watching over his son, and the father and son bonded over their relationship with the fae. As Maethew got older, Sylphreed and Sylas would agree to join him in battle.

Maethew had practiced the bow his whole life, due to living in the Aetherwood with the other forest elves. Jared watched as Slyphreed and Sylas took turns imbuing their aether into Maethew's arrow shots. That is when he got the idea to create another device for his son, much like his mechanical gauntlet. With the help of Kael's blacksmithing, the two were able to create two handheld weapons that could contain the faeries and amplify their aether into long-range shots. The weapons were presented to Maethew and the two fae, and it was decided the new invention would be named "aetherblasters".

Maethew had a newfound confidence after receiving the weapons, as many of the forest elves wished to see them in action. Maethew then passed the trials to become a Skyrilon Knight, and would join his father and uncle in missions with Skyrilon to protect the fae from harm.

One day, Kael Aerodae intercepted information from Fyraenia of a planned attack on Eternabloom to recapture the fae. Jared, Marcus, Kael, Maethew, and others defended Eternabloom from the mountain elves. During the battle, Maethew found himself surrounded by Fyraenian mages whose robes were impervious to Maethew's aetherblasters. Sylphreed and Sylas decided to cast an extremely risky spell: teleportation.

During teleportation, your physical body is converted into aether, which drifts through the world to the desired location, then it is reassembled. While Maethew's body was disintegrating into aether, Paetrik Fyrae cast his magic towards it to disrupt the teleportation and seemingly kill Maethew and the two faeries. However, Paetrik did not completely destroying Maethew's aether. Paetrik's spell moved Maethew and the faeries's aether not across space, but across time. Maethew was teleported back in time, to the day he was conceived. Sylphreed and Sylas remained unconscious inside the

aetherblasters, recovering from such drastic use of their aether.

Maethew had not yet realized they transported 18 years back in time, but recognized they were in the Aetherwood once again. There he saw a very handsome, muscular human man he had never seen before. Maethew approached the man and began aggressively hitting on him. He teased the much-bulkier man for attempting to copy his father's signature guantlet, promising he could get his father's autograph for him if he agreed to mess around. The man was overwhelmed with confusion and nervousness, and politely declined Maethew. It was then that Sprix flew from the man's gauntlet, and immediately sensed that Maethew was Jared's future son.

After Maethew's embarrassment of hitting on his own father wore off, the father and son recollected and attempted to figure out a way to reverse the spell and return Maethew to his present time. In the mean time, he would once again help his father on many missions.


Jared Irune

Maethew's father. Jared cares deeply for Maethew and spent much of his time outside of knighthood bonding with him. Maethew wishes to live up to the potential expected of him and make his father proud. He sees his father as everything an honorable man should be.

Marcus Irune

Maethew's uncle. Maethew treats Marcus with the utmost respect, admiring his dedication to being a Skyrilon Knight. They often train together or spend time with each other when Jared is away.

Combat Ability

Maethew is a decent fighter who relies on his expert aim and nimble dexterity in battle. He is not talented with melee weapons and would be helpless if unarmed. However, like most forest elves, his aim is exceptionally skilled, rarely missing his shots.

His signature weapons are the aetherblasters. These hand-held devices can hold a faerie or other aetheric object, and upon release of the switch, a concentrated amount of the aether inside is launched from the device. Sylphreed and Sylas contain themselves in Maethew's aetherblasters. Because their personality alters the form of their aether, the aetherblasters fire differently between each faerie.

Sylphreed, the silver faerie, fires powerful concentrated blasts so strong that they recoil the device. Sylas, the purple faerie, unleashes his aether in rapid succession, applying countless small bursts of aether that can be spread across an area.


Maethew is gay, and prefers to bottom. He is quite the extrovert, and an aggressive flirt; never hesitating to hit on anyone he fancies. He looks up to the Skyrilon Knights that fight alongside his father, which has led him to become attracted mostly to men much older than him.

When on adventures with his father and the rest of the Skyrilon Knights, Jared often becomes embarassed at the sight of his son throwing himself on all of Jared's longtime comrades. While they often decline Maethew's advances in front of Jared, there are very few acquantences of his father that Maethew has not seduced successfully.

Maethew is an aggressive powerbottom that likes to take control and ride his top to his liking. Even though his tops are typically much older and more experienced than him, they are often quite surprised by his skill and dominant nature.

Maethew is also very forward with his faeries Sylphreed and Sylas. They often have wild threesomes, using their faerie magic to morph the sizes of their cocks to Maethew's preference. It is quite rare for Maethew to ever top. He does not top humans or elves, but he will from time to time top Sylas.

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