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In Chapter 5, Kael received a magessage from King Ivan, informing him of Prince Ivan's arrival without exposing the information to any other person.

A magessage, a portmanteau of "magic" and "message", also known as a "mage's message", is a projection of a previously recorded event from a stone infused with aether known as a message stone. Because aether is required, only magic users can create them.

Message Stones

Message stones are stones, or sometimes crystals, that contains the message within its aether. The creator may transfer some of their own aether into the message stone to record their message. When the message stone's aether is activated by the receiver, the message will play.

Sound Stones

This type of message stone is easier to produce. The creator speaks into the stone while their aether flows into it. When the receiver activates the stone, the receiver begins to hear the spoken words inside their thoughts. No one nearby can hear this, unless they also were meant to receive the message.

Mirage Stones

This is a complex type of magessage that requires more aether to create. The creator flows their aether through the stone, and points the stone where they wish to record their image. The image may be one, singular still image, or a video of movement. When the receiver activates the stone, they begin to see the image(s) inside their mind and hear the nearby sounds. No one nearby can hear or see this, unless they also were meant to receive the message.

Use of Magessages

Magessages are much more complex to create than a standard letter or other parcel. Because of this, they are typically only used for matters of utmost complexity, or when proof of who sent the message is absolutely required. A magessage's aether can also be fixed so that only a specific person or set of people may activate the message. This makes the message inside far more secure.

The most common use for magessages are for confidential information regarding the kingdom by the royal family to their subjects. The magessage can be set to only reveal itself to other members of the royal family, or their advisers, for example.

Magessages are also used to record special moments and historical events for the royal family, and also the wealthy. This can be the birth of a new royal, ceremonies such as marriage or a funeral, or important political testimonies. The most wealthy have used magessage recordings for entertainment. Recording mirages of plays or jestings to be played for others later.

Aether Scribes

Aether Scribes are employed mages whose task is to create magessages. Many are hired by the royal family to create the most confidential of magessages to be send across the kingdom. Because very little aether is required to create magessages, it is very easy to learn to create them. While becoming an aether scribe is an easy way to become employed as a mage in the Skyrilon Castle, they are looked down upon by other mages for their lack of complex spellcasting. Still their job is of utmost importance, as they often carry with them the most dire of secrets in all of Skyrilon.

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