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Marcus Irune

Marcus Irune is a Skyrilon Knight serving in Prince Ivan's personal army. He is the childhood friend of Derek Clodune

Race: Human

Age: 21

Measurements: 6'1", 180 lbs, 7 in cut

Orientation: Bisexual

Weapon: Hand Axe with Shield

Game Appearance

Marcus is a main character in the Skyrilon Knights game and is playable in Chapter 2.


The Irune family were poor peasants who worked on the farms outside of Skyrilon. Through this work, Marcus and his older brother Jared met Derek Clodune as small children. When they were not working on the farm together they were playing together, pretending to be Skyrilon Knights with wooden toy swords.

Derek Clodune (left) and Marcus Irune (right) as children.

When Jared became old enough, he left the farmlands to become a Skyrilon Knight in hopes to send more money back to his family. Jared quickly became famous as "Jared the Great", the leader of the Skyrilon Knights. Everyone in the kingdom knew his name, and constantly would ask Marcus what his older brother was like. Marcus felt overshadowed by his brother, yet inspired to be just like him. He insisted on training with Derek so that they may become famous Skyrilon Knights like his brother.

Then the unthinkable happened, and Jared the Great lost a battle against the orcs, losing his arm in the process. Jared was relieved from duties and was embarrassed as a failure who could not live up to his title. Marcus was even more passionate about becoming a Skyrilon Knight and restoring his brother's honor. Although Jared had fled from his home and was nowhere to be found, Marcus still continued his training so that one day Jared may hear of Marcus's feats of glory and return home.

When the time came to take the trials to become a Skyrilon Knight, Derek barely passed, and Marcus had failed. Marcus felt great shame but never gave up his training, now alone without Derek. He had tried the Knight's trials many times over several years and had failed every time. Then, one day in the middle of his trail session, he was interrupted by the announcement of harpies attacking the farmlands of Skyrilon. His instructor ordered him to immediately gear up for battle against the harpies, thereby passing his trials. However, Marcus was never ready for real combat, especially not against ferocious beasts such as the harpies, and reality would soon kick in that he was naive about the dangers of becoming a Skyrilon Knight.


Jared Irune

Marcus's older brother. Marcus constantly looked up to him, especially after becoming a famous Skyrilon Knight. He constantly wishes to be like his brother in every way, even if he hasn't seen him in many years since his disappearance.

Derek Clodune

Marcus's childhood friend. They trained together to become Skyrilon Knights, although were separated when Derek passed the trials several years before Marcus. Marcus was often the extroverted and fun friend that Derek needed to overcome his shyness.

Combat Ability

Marcus trains diligently in combat as well as having a fit body, but he has never been able to become a competent fighter like his older brother or even Derek. His weapon of choice is an axe, along with a small shield. The axe is very top heavy which throws Marcus off balance, and he is often cowering behind his shield against enemies.

He realizes his combat skills are lacking and constantly wishes to improve them, though it seems so far he is a very slow learner.


Marcus is bisexual but prefers women. He has not had many sexual encounters in his life, most of them were part of his trials to become a Skyrilon Knight. He is very naive and uneducated about sex, knowing blowjobs as a "secret technique" that the Skyrilon Knights use to boost morale.

He has secretly had a long time crush on Derek since they were young, however, as Derek was straight, he never told Derek of his true feelings.

As rumors spread about his brother as Jared the Great, he had heard that his brother had a pierced penis and was very pleasurable to his female partners. Marcus later got a penis piercing because of this to be like his brother.

(Chapter 6 Spoilers)

When Marcus was captured by the harpies, he became the sex slave of Zephyr the Harpy King. Chained to a cave and given potions to force his arousal, he was forced to have sex with Zephyr constantly as a top. After this incident he became more aware of sex, yet less interested in it as well. He rarely has sex, especially casual sex, and would prefer to have sex only with a romantic partner.

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