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Nekita (Nekitas)

A nekita warrior holding a tonfa.

The Nekita are a race of cat-like humanoids living in the southern desert regions of Estidon, south of Cresminos. They tend to have accelerated body hair growth, curly textured hair, and the ears and tail of a feline, having no human ears. They are slightly shorter on average than humans but are typically the same weight. Their skin tone varies but is often tan due to the climates of their home region, their noses having a much more pinkish tone at the tip. Nekita are significantly more flexible than humans, with faster reflexes and running speed.

Common skin tones: Fair to Dark

Common eye colors: Yellow-Green, Blue

Common hair colors: Black, Ginger, White, Calico/Mixed

Average Height: 5' 8"

Average Weight: 185 lbs

Average Male's Penis: 8", cut

Origin of the Nekita

A nekita artist's depiction of Nekoo'ta. His muscles are often the focal point of his depictions.

The Nekita are native to Estidon's harsh deserts. They believe their god, Nekoo'ta, descended to the desert taking the physical form of an 8 foot tall man, the muscles of 200 warriors, and the head of a black panther. Nekoo'ta's story states that he fell into a deep sleep due to exhaustion from falling from the heavens. A human woman, hair of flames, discovered Nekoo'ta with his enormous cock completely erect, mating with him in his sleep. Upon having his children, she gave birth to a set of twins, one boy and one girl, who later created the Nekita tribe that spread throughout the desert of Estidon. Nekoo'ta remained asleep, and a disastrous sand storm buried the god deep in sand. The Nekita believe when Nekoo'ta awakens, he will rise above the sands of the desert and command their armies to greatness.

Nekita Desert

The Desert region south of Cresminos has been named after the Nekita by Cresminos due to their prevalence through the area. The Nekita tribe are nomads with no permanent home. Some believe they should constantly search the sands for the sleeping Nekoo'ta, finding him bringing them great power and riches. The rest simply are adapting to the scarce environment of the desert region. The Nekita do set up homes throughout the desert that last for about a year. They create holes within the sands and construct buildings with wood and stone.

Culture and Combat

The Nekita often live nude among themselves. If they are traveling and expect to come into contact with humans or other peoples, they will wrap parts of their bodies in brightly colored straps imitating the stripes of wild cats. These straps also help them attach armor to themselves in times of combat. Their armors are lightweight, often made of leather. Nekita warriors pride themselves in their flexible, acrobatic bodies. They prefer non-restrictive armor and weapons which compliment their swift moves. Their weapons of choice range from knuckles, claws, tonfas, and chakrams; the Nekita are skilled in hand-to-hand combat and see weaponry as a simple extension of their hand.

Relationship with Cresminos

The Nekita tribe have remained in constant feud with the kingdom of Cresminos as long as can be remembered. The struggle of land ownership in the desert between the Nekita elders and Cresminos's royal family has led to war on many occasions. The kingdom constantly revises how much of the desert their nation controls, further and further claiming the desert as their own from the Nekita tribe. The Nekita tribe simply believe the desert belongs to no one, and will often set up homes on Cresminosi territory. The Cresminosi government has declared these actions illegal, leading to the execution of many Nekita people.

The Cresminosi government has went through great efforts to convince their people that Nekita doing this are criminals who wish to steal from their nation. This has led many humans in Cresminos to have extremely negative stereotypes of Nekita people. Nekita are free to enter Cresminos and live and work there, and many young Nekita do this despite stereotypes to try to live a more luxurious lifestyle in the city rather than live in the desert. Many Nekita living in Cresminos's cities will wear hoods to cover their ears while walking alone or at night to avoid attacks. Many humans in Cresminos will kill or beat Nekita in the streets, the government often turning a blind eye.

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