Orc (Orcs)

Common skin tones: Green, Brown

Common eye colors: Orange, Yellow, Red

Common hair colors: Black

Average Height: 6' 6"

Average Weight: 200 lbs

Average Male's Penis: 11", uncut (slaves: cut)

The orcs are the native peoples of the volcanic regions of Weslarin. They are naturally physically fit, muscular, tall, and heavy in weight. They are in between elves and humans in height and penis size on average, however they are quite heavier weight than both of them. The orcs are not known for their intelligence, magical ability, or patience for ranged weaponry; making up for this with raw physical power and battle skill.

The orcs have developed a code of combat that states a true victor not only dominates their opponent with strength and skill in battle, but they also sexually dominate their opponent as well. Any opponent of an orc knows if they are defeated, their ass will be filled deep with orc cock and will walk away with orc cum dripping from their hole.

The Origin of Orcs

The orcs believe that the god who created them resides inside the enormous volcano overlooking the continent of Weslarin. They have always lived in the region close to the volcano and consider it their own personal grounds. During The First War, the elven peoples would split into three directions. One group of these elves climbed through the mountaintops and eventually arrived at the village of the orcs. The Orcs and Mountain Elves quickly became enemies, resulting in a war that lasted many generations. The orcs had advantage with their physical strength and seemed to be the victors. However, the Mountain Elves overcame the orcs with advanced traps, technology, and magic.


After losing the war against the Mountain Elves, the orc people have been enslaved. The male slaves marked by cutting the foreskin of their cocks. The orcs' natural physical strength made them suitable workers for the crystal mines. It was grueling, dangerous work that the Mountain Elves wished not to do themselves. When their enslavement first began, the orcs were permitted to be kept by the elves inside the kingdom of Fyraenia. Magic auras were placed over the city which kept the orcs docile.

Many gay and female Mountain Elves found the orcs much more masculine and attractive than the slender Mountain Elf men. They gained fetishes for the forbidden, green, cut cocks of the orcs, and many elven women were secretly having sex with their male orc slaves, resulting in illegal half-elven offspring. Rich, gay Mountain Elf men were buying orc slaves for enormous harems. This drove up the price of orc slaves so much that miners could not afford it, leading to a scarcity in crystals to power the city of Fyraenia. This eventually caused enough disruption through Fyraenia that officials declared it forbidden for orcs to enter the walls of the city, exiling them to camps close to the mines.

The orcs have lived in these mining camps for generations, under poor conditions. A group of orcs, led by a man named Ulmragha, planned their revolt to rise up against the elves. These orcs waited for a night of a thunderstorm and attacked their masters, fleeing the camps and starting a new village of free orcs.

Ulmragha Thundercrash, founder of Goreklan.


Goreklan is the only village of free orcs. It was created by Ulmragha Thundercrash after leading a revolt against the mountain elves. It exists north of the volcano, placing it in between themselves and the kingdom of Fyraenia.

Hoping to restore orc culture out of slavery and back to their old ways, they collect their enemies' corpses and throw them into the volcano as sacrifice to their god, who they believe is a demon with great power that could help them dominate the continent once again and get revenge against the Mountain Elves. They've become known as very hostile people, attacking innocent humans and elves. Skyrilon forces have many times intercepted these attacks, though the threat of the orcs still remains.