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Paetrik Fyrae

Paetrik Fyrae is a mountain elf most famously known as the Prince of Fyraenia.

Race: Mountain Elf

Age: 100+

Measurements: 6'5", 135 lbs, 11" uncut

Orientation: Gay

Weapon: Magic Scepter

Game Appearance

Paetrik is an antagonist of the Skyrilon Knights game and is playable in Chapter 8.


The Mountain Elves live almost exclusively in the industrious kingdom of Fyraenia. Compared to other kingdoms, Fyraenia has far more advanced technology and industry, powered by raw magic power. The Mountain Elves regard their city to be the height of sophistication and luxury, but also a symbol of immeasurable, unstoppable power. Only fellow Mountain Elves are deemed worthy to step into such a place, and any other type of person is immediately enslaved or killed on sight. Their kingdom lives under strict rule with heavy punishments. The poor live in fear and the rich royalty neglect the issues of their people.

As the Prince of Fyraenia, Paetrik Fyrae was raised to be the ultimate symbol of these Fyraenian values. As a child he was demanding, hostile, constantly lashing out at his servants. He was disgusted by the slaves he owned of various races, killing his first at the age of six years old. No one scolded his behavior, in fact his father often praised him for "ridding the world of the undesirables". He quickly grew into a sick, demented individual with no sense of respect for others.

Paetrik became older, and became obsessed with power and magic. He could not be forced to learn magics through tapping into his own spirit, never having the patience to study the ancient magic tomes. Instead, he paid for the highest quality magically imbued artifacts and staves to cast magic wastefully at his disposal.

Continuing his thirst for power, Paetrik read in texts of the powers of the mysterious faeries who seemingly disappeared many years ago. He refused to believe they had vanished, knowing they remained alive somewhere throughout the land. Paetrik obsessively worked with the mages of Fyraenia to craft special tools that could reveal and capture fae while also impervious to their magic spells. After their inventions were complete, they successfully captured countless fae and brought them back to Fyraenia as prisoners.

(Chapter 8 Spoilers)

Upon seeing this, the King was furious with Paetrik. Stating that disturbing so many fae could seriously alter the course of aether throughout the world, destroying the balance of nature. He ordered Paetrik to have the fae released the next day. That night, Paetrik killed his father in his sleep. Obsessed with gaining more power, he refused to release the fae from his grasp, and with his father's death he became the new King of Fyraenia with no one to stop him.

One of Paetrik's soldiers capturing a faerie.

The men who assisted Paetrik in capturing the fae were informed that they had been released. Unknown to everyone in the Kingdom, Paetrik had actually kept the fae hidden in a secret underground passage beneath his chambers. Imprisoned in a dome immune to even the highest levels of magic, the fae became Paetrik's secret slaves. The only way to remove the fae from the dome was through the permission inside Paetrik's thoughts, making it impossible to open.

Paetrik began cycling the magic of the imprisoned fae into city of Fyraenia itself. Slowly absorbing their life force at just the right pace to still keep them alive. Paetrik thought he had done the entire kingdom a favor, removing any need they had to depend on energy from mining crystals. Still, he convinced the citizens that the new powers and advancements made to the city were due to Paetrik's new rule and increased efforts in mining. The people of the city adore him, unknowing that their king lies about the source of the city's power and advanced technologies.


King of Fyraenia

Paetrik's father. He raised his son to be ruthless and power-hungry, though obviously this did not work out in his favor.


A prostitute and dancer who works in a brothel outside the castle of Fyraenia. Unknowing to Paetrik, Aegido is only half Mountain Elf. Paetrik became a regular customer of Aegido after hearing about his sexual skills. Eventually he became very jealous of Aegido's other customers, seeing Aegido as his personal property. He ordered Aegido to live with Paetrik in the castle as his personal companion. Aegido was the only other person who knew of Prince Paetrik's captured fae, as Aegido was often the test subject of Paetrik's newest magical devices crafted from the faeries' magic. In love with Aegido, Paetrik crafted for him dancing bangles which could conjure magic flames, burning faerie life force in the process.

Combat Ability

Paetrik has spent most of his life practicing with magical devices to manipulate magic. His favorite type of magic being flame conjuring. He loves to set his opponents ablaze and watch them suffer a slow, horrible, painful death.

Despite this, he lacks real combat knowledge or experience, not to mention his magic powers are limited only to the devices he has made for him. He refuses to learn to use his magical spirit to create magic from within his own body, causing him to have an overall lack of understanding of magic compared to most mages.


Paetrik is gay and versatile in his position preference.

When having sex with others, he upholds his image as a powerful prince by exclusively being a top. He is quite sensitive about his lack of muscle mass and seemingly small height for an elf, so he prefers shorter, younger, slimmer elven men to be his bottoms. Paetrik is very selfish during sex, not caring about the pleasure of the other person. When going to the brothel, he often showers the prostitutes with piles of gold and gifts such as jewelry and fine clothing. While fucking them he demeans them as paid whores to take Paetrik's cock, coins scattered on top of their chest during sex.

Despite being an aggressive top with others, Paetrik has quite the hidden, secret sex life in the privacy of his own chambers. Among the books on his bookshelf contains a magic tome that displays moving imagery of all kinds of nude men and magical creatures with fully erect penises. Constantly surrounded by nothing but Mountain Elven men, Paetrik became curious about other types of men in the world, leading to an obsessive fetish for other types of cocks. For any Mountain Elf to have sex with another of a different kind is punishable by death. Certainly for the prince, it would be impossible for him to have sex with anyone but another Mountain Elf.

In secret he has purchased dildos crafted in Skyrilon of all kinds of men from water elves, forest elves, humans, dwarves, orcs, goblins, and even creatures such as giants, kobolds, dragons, and griffons. Using the magic of the tome's moving imagery, he sees himself being fucked by all the different men while fucking himself in real life with the matching dildo. With the fear of his true thoughts being revealed adding even more excitement, this has become Paetrik's favorite sexual activity.

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