Prince Jaykob Skyre

Jaykob Skyre is the future son of Ivan Skyre II and Derek Clodune, created through magic.

Race: Human Creation

Age: 20, aged through magic.

Measurements: 6'1", 150 lbs, 8 in cut

Orientation: Bisexual, prefers women

Weapon: Conjoinable Swords

Game Appearance

Jaykob does NOT appear in the Skyrilon Knights games nor is he referenced in the story.


(This story takes place many years after the events of the Skyrilon Knights game)

After many journies together, Prince Ivan and Derek Clodune met with the king to confess their plans to be married. This infuriated King Ivan, insisting that the Prince must be wed to a woman to continue the royal family's bloodline. He demanded Ivan end his relationship with Derek at once.

Ivan refused, and insisted there must be some way to have a child without leaving Derek. However he thought the idea of having sex with a woman would be impossible. Derek joked that not even magic could get Ivan arroused enough to impregnate a woman. Suddenly the Prince got an idea...

Ivan consulted the mages of his kingdom to see if a child could be magically created using the essence of both Ivan and Derek. They joined with the mages of the Elven Forest Tribe to conduct a ritual to create Ivan and Derek's son. It took many months of research studying the faeries' method of reproduction using arcane magic before they were comfortable enough to attempt the risky incantation.

King Ivan did not approve of the spell taking place, stating it could risk the lives of all of the mages involved, or create an unfathomable monster. After advising from the mages that the risk of catastrophy was low, he relented, under agreement that Ivan must marry a woman if it fails...

The blood of Ivan, the seed of Derek, and one years lifespan drained from the each of them were given during the ritual. Combining all of the spirit power of all of the mages of Skyrilon and the Forest Tribe, they were able to create enough raw arcane to morph the ingredients into a living being. It seemed to be a success.

The child was named Jaykob Skyre. He seemed to be like any normal infant at first, but having no navel of an umbilical cord, and with two differently colored eyes. And the mages confirmed he contained the blood of Ivan just as any of Ivan's natural born children would. They managed to create the first human using magic in all of known history.

The new child was introduced to the entire kingdom during the marriage ceremony of Prince Ivan Skyre II and Derek Clodune, to amazement and applause. Jaykob was prized by the people as an example of the great, impossible things that the Skyrilon Kingdom could accomplish together.

Then, it was obvious after a few days that Jaykob was aging and growing rapidly. The mages researched as quickly as they could to create a spell that would slow his aging to that of a normal human, but by the time they could cast this spell, Jaykob had already grown to an age similar of Prince Ivan!

Only living for a few weeks but of the body and mind of an adult, Jaykob was given tremendous tudoring. Still, he remains very impressionable of those around him, and often misunderstands slang and social cues.

Growing adjusted to their new lives, Jaykob became interested in combat to join his fathers in battle. He was given training under the Water Elf, Aedin Waetro. Spending so much time with Aedin, Jaykob began to look up to him, considering him one of his greatest role models. Many of Aedin's qualities rubbed off on Jaykob such as his cocky attitude and flashy, acrobatic combat techniques.

His weapon of choice is two conjoinable swords: one representing Ivan, and one of Derek. He hopes to become a strong warrior so that he may protect Ivan alongside his father.

Just as Prince Ivan was given a Prince's Guard, Prince Jaykob's Guard was chosen in an arena battle as well. Jaykob being so close to Aedin, personally invited him to attend the competition. Aedin proved that his strength was unmatched, and he became the official Prince's Guard to Prince Jaykob of Skyrilon.


Ivan Skyre

Jaykob's father. Before Jaykob's magic aging was stopped, he became the same age as his father, Ivan. This creates a strange relationship between the two as they seem more like friends than father and son. Ivan wishes to teach Jaykob to be a humble, positive role model for the people of Skyrilon. Jaykob, who is a much stronger warrior than Ivan, protects his father very dearly, acting much like a second Prince's Guard in his father Derek's footsteps.

Derek Clodune

Jaykob's father. Despite being of similar physical age, Derek takes his duties as a father very seriously. He is quick to correct Jaykob's bad behavior and is hesitant about Aedin's bad influence over Jaykob's personality. He trains in combat with his son in hopes it will strengthen their bond, and together they keep a close watch on Prince Ivan.

Aedin Waetro

Jaykob's Prince's Guard. Jaykob looks up to Aedin's strength and combat ability. He admires the way Aedin is seemingly admired and known by all the people of Skyrilon, and hopes that he may do good deeds for Skyrilon to become famous as well. Aedin is Jaykob's role-model and closest non-family companion.

Combat Ability

Prince Jaykob fights with a weapon that was designed for him specifically by Kael Aerodae. Combining the acrobatic long-range techniques of Aedin's merfolk spear, his father Derek's sword fighting skills, and Ivan's sophisticated martial arts, Kael constructed two conjoinable long blades that can be used as one large double sided weapon, or two quick-striking swords.

The two swords were constructed to represent his fathers Prince Ivan and Derek Clodune. The blue handled sword represents Derek, featuring a red gem to represent Ivan within his heart. The red handled sword represents Ivan, featuring a blue gem to represent Derek within his heart. The Derek sword features a white gem at the bottom, which may be inserted into the bottom of the Ivan sword to connect the two blades as one.


As Jaykob quickly aged and became an adult, it was clear Jaykob would be extremely attractive. The people of the kingdom regarded his looks rivaling his fathers, and even saying he combined all of the good traits of Derek and of Ivan in one person. Jaykob quickly had flocks of adoring men and women that followed him and showed up to his speech appearances, hoping to become Jaykob's first sex partner.

Aedin started to give Jaykob tips on engaging in sex with both men and women. Jaykob quickly began to enjoy sex and had countless sexual partners in a week's time. Through this he explored all kinds of sex with both genders but found women and effeminate men to be his favorite choices. Like Aedin, he thrives being a dominate top who is adored by his submissive bottom. Jaykob has a strong kinky side to him, if his partner permits; loving to choke, spank, restrain, pull hair, and talk dirty to the person he is fucking.

Although Jaykob does not bottom, as part of the tradition of the Prince's Guard, he would need to have sex with Aedin Waetro. The both of them considered it impossible with Aedin's 15" penis and Jaykob's virgin hole, so Jaykob instead gave Aedin a blowjob. Though he does not have any intentions of continued sex or a romantic relationship with Aedin, he secretly enjoyed the act of sucking Aedin's cock and considers doing so more often.