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Princess Tessa Skyre

Tessa Skyre is the daughter of Ivan Skyre I and Mellanie Skyre. She is the Princess of Skyrilon.

Race: Human

Age: 19

Measurements: 5'8", 100 lbs, 38 C

Orientation: Straight

Weapon: Concealed Blade (Parasol)

Game Appearance

Tessa is NOT playable in the Skyrilon Knights games although she does appear in the game's story.


Tessa was quick to learn how to take advantage of her status as a princess. Even from a young age she would command the servants and soldiers to do the most mundane of tasks when her parents weren't around. She developed a very spoiled, bratty, and bossy attitude and would often attempt to convince her younger brother Ivan to misbehave with her. If Ivan refused, she often mocked him.

As she got older she wished for a more exciting and dangerous life than taking on the role of an innocent princess. She would sneak out of the castle at night and explore the city, unaware of how dangerous it truly was. Her interactions with commoners gives her a much more crass way of speaking than her polite younger brother.

When her mother, Queen Mellanie, was assassinated she became even more disobedient and emotionally distant. It was her mother who constantly argued for equal treatment to her brother and refused to force Tessa into an arranged marriage. Tessa became ruthless and angry towards most people, even her family. She was quick to demean and control her servants harshly. Soldiers patrolling the castle avoided Tessa at all costs.

Like her father, she immediately suspected that Creminos was responsible for her mother's death, and she was quick to put her hate towards Zade Elthund. She snuck into Zade's chambers and attempted to kill him in his sleep, however, as the master of assassination himself, Zade was aware of her attempt and disarmed her with ease. Because of this attack Zade actually became impressed by the ruthlessness of the princess and wished to teach her self defense and combat techniques.

Since her mother's passing she has felt the need to personally protect her younger brother. Although she is often seen bickering with and teasing him, deep down she wishes to be a sort of guardian figure to Ivan much like their mother was. When Zade had offered to teach her combat techniques, she quickly agreed, as she was forbidden to take part in anything that would make her seem "brutish" according to her father.

Tessa has become obsessed with her material possessions and wealth. She began collecting jewelry, gemstones, art and relics of all kinds. She insisted that blacksmiths customize her armor and horses in the finest metals and jewels, and she employed personal seamstresses to make luxurious gowns and outfits. She even insists on her Princess's Guard, Conrad Stratus, to always be wearing a matching outfit with her if they are to be seen together.


Ivan Skyre II

Tessa's younger brother. As an older sister she was constantly teasing him and even jealous of the attention he gets as the upcoming King of Skyrilon. Still she is very defensive of anyone who would do or say anything to harm her brother.

Derek Clodune

Tessa often saw Derek patrolling the castle halls and was quite drawn to his stocky muscular physique. She would often tease him although it is well known that none of the soldiers are permitted to touch the princess. When Derek eventually became Ivan's Prince's Guard, she was very jealous, and even more jealous when they entered a romantic relationship.

Conrad Stratus

Tessa's Princess's Guard. Conrad was also Tessa's tutor when she was younger. Their personalities could not be any more different, which makes them an interesting pair. She is very bossy to Conrad and picks out his attire daily. She finds his quiet, collected personality very mysterious and attractive.

Combat Ability

Tessa has training in assassination techniques from Zade Elthund. Although she does not fight in combat with the Skyrilon Knights or take part in assassination missions like Zade, she could easily handle herself in a fight against an average-skilled opponent.

Tessa uses mainly a concealed blade hidden in the handle of her parasol, although she has many hidden weapons disguised as common objects such as her jewelry or cosmetic items. She has defended herself from assailants on multiple occasions and is merciless and cruel to her opponents. She rarely fights due to her Prince's Guard but does not fear an attack much like Prince Ivan would and has assisted Conrad in protecting herself.


Tessa identifies as straight. It is well-known throughout the kingdom that her virginity was considered very valuable, and being involved with her was an executable offense. She would tease and touch many of the Skyrilon soldiers however they were ordered under no circumstance to allow her advances.

This exacerbated her sexual frustrations as she became older. Since no man was permitted to be with her, she consulted Kael Aerodae to construct for her a large variety of sex toys using his blacksmithing skills. She would secretly watch two male knights having gay sex and pleasure herself, or pay for two male prostitutes to have sex with each other while she watches.

Through her relationship with the brothels, she learned of a magic gem owned by some of the more famous women that when attached to the body, would prevent pregnancy. Tessa secretly ordered a mage to create one of these for her in a stunning pink gemstone. From this point forward she took it upon herself to have countless sexual partners in secret from her father.

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