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Protagonist (The Player)

The Protagonist is a representative of the person playing the Skyrilon Knights game. They have no recorded name and a vague backstory, with their appearance never fully shown.

Through the protagonist, the player gets an inside look of the Skyrilon universe as a newcomer.

Age: Unknown

Race: Appears at least partially Human

Measurements: Unknown

Game Appearance

The protagonist is the first-person perspective of all of the Chapters of the Skyrilon Knights game.



The protagonist decides to take the trial test to become a Skyrilon Knight. He is given the trials by Aedin Waetro, and passes. Quickly after this, he is forced into a battle against the harpies attacking Skyrilon's farms, serving in the forces lead by Derek Clodune. Because of this, they eventually accompany Derek through his adventures with Prince Ivan Skyre II as his Prince's Guard. The Player becomes a close companion to Derek Clodune and is his first sexual partner.


The protagonist is strong enough to complete the trials to become a Skyrilon Knight. The protagonist's weapon is never shown. They are able to defeat all of their opponents in combat throughout the story at least once, making them a capable fighter.


The protagonist's sexuality is to be determined by the player. However, the protagonist has sex with multiple male characters through the course of the story as a top and bottom.

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