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Queen Mellanie Skyre

Deceased. The previous Queen of Skyrilon and wife of King Ivan Skyre I. She was Ivan Skyre II and Tessa Skyre's mother.

Game Appearance

Mellanie does not appear in the Skyrilon Knights game, though she is mentioned in the game's story.


Mellanie was the daughter of an extremely rich port trader between Skyrilon and Cresminos. She often traveled with her father across the seas and was able to see every notable location in the known world. As she got older she took part in her father's trading business and commanded her own trading ships, despite this profession not taken up by women.

In her trips to Maerlios Island, she met a beautiful water elf woman who she fell in love with. Mellanie was one of the potential wives of Prince Ivan Skyre I, so her father forbid their relationship. Eventually, Mellanie was chosen to be wed to Ivan, and she was forced to give up her life on the sea. Still, she longed for her true love in Maerlios and often met with her in secret.

As Queen she adored her two children and put her focus on their care to keep from dwelling on her past and her real dreams. Tessa became of teenage years and was very rebellious and spontaneous, allowing her relationship with her younger son, Prince Ivan II to deepen. When Tessa became of consenting age, it was Mellanie who forbid her daughter to be wed to someone that was not of her choice. Because of this daring action, Queen Mellanie ended the tradition of selected husbands for the Skyrilon princesses. She refused to have Tessa's life changed for the worse because of a forced marriage, much like Mellanie's own life.

She was eventually assassinated by an unknown assailant inside the castle of Skyrilon. It was her son Ivan who was the first to find her as she lay wounded. She tore a piece of her red dress with her fan and tied it to Ivan's wrist. King Ivan ordered investigation into her assailant, suspecting it was done by the Kingdom of Cresminos. After relentless searching, no proof of her killer was ever found. Since this incident the King's personality has changed drastically and his rule over the kingdom has become much more strict and forceful.

Combat Ability

While in Maerlios, Mellanie picked up the art of combat using steel fans. Many of the female warrior water elves used it as their weapon of choice, and she found these fan fighting women to be extremely beautiful.

Mellanie was then known by pirates and thieves as a ruthless fighter and many did not dare to invade her trading ships once stories broke out of her abilities. Many times she fought off and even killed entire groups of bandits invading her ships using her steel fan.

There is a painting of Queen Mellanie in the castle of Skyrilon, depicting her in an extravagant ballgown, fan slicing the throat of an enemy in front of her in one hand, and an infant Princess Tessa carried in the other hand.


Mellanie was bisexual, but preferred women. She was in love with a water elf woman from Maerlios Island, however was forced to marry King Ivan Skyre I. Although her marriage was forced she found King Ivan attractive and eventually grew fond of him. She gave birth to his two children: Ivan and Tessa.

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