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Raebin (Raebins)

A raebin warrior holding a spinner.

The Raebin are a race of rabbit-like humanoids living in the northern, cold regions of Weslarin, north of Skyrilon. They tend to have minimal body hair and the ears and tail of a rabbit, having no human ears. They are about the same average height as humans, but are quite slimmer. Their skin tone is typically very pale. Raebin are known for having incredible hearing, jumping, resistance to cold temperatures and an accelerated sexual appetite.

Common skin tones: Pale

Common eye colors: Red, Blue

Common hair colors: White, Brown

Average Height: 5' 10"

Average Weight: 160 lbs

Average Male's Penis: 6", uncut

Origin of the Raebin

As demanded in Raebin culture, any depiction of Raelua must be made by a Raebin male in a state of complete arousal. This is said to be the only way to channel the truest depiction of the goddess.

The raebin believe they are the descendants of their goddess, Raelua. It is said that this fertility goddess was desired by every god of the immortal plane, yet she found none of the gods worthy to bear her children. The gods left in anger, and eventually, an extreme lust came over the goddess. Having turned down every immortal god, Raelua descended onto the mortal lands to find a mate. She discovered a human village and presented herself to all of their men in front of everyone. Her lust was insatiable, and didn't stop until the 100 mortal men of the village placed their seed inside her. She then gave birth to the original 100 raebin people. Feeling great shame for this public display, the goddess fled into the mountains above Skyrilon. The raebin chased after her, but she was nowhere to be found. Still to this day the raebin live in the snowy region, believing one day she may come out of hiding.

The raebin are known for their frequent sexual arousal, and believe this is a trait passed down from Raelua. It is believed that Raelua is always watching the raebin, and so it is customary in raebin culture to publicly display sexual intercourse openly, believing this will allow Raelua to no longer feel shame for her acts, and one day reveal herself once again.

Raebua and Harefrost Woods

The Harefrost Woods are a section of woods north of Skyrilon, named after the raebin's close appearance to hares. The raebin protect the woods, much like the Forest Elves defend the Aetherwood. However, the harsh cold environment does not cause guilt in the raebin people for making use of the wood's resources.

Harefrost provides much of the lumber necessary in building Raebua, the largest of the raebin cities that occupies the area between Skyrilon and the dwarven city Palmilnor. Raebua is but a fraction of the size of its neighboring cities, with much humbler decoration compared to a city such as Skyrilon, and far less developed than the industrious Palmilnor.

Culture and Combat

The raebin people are a rather pacifist group, historically losing conflicts or avoiding them entirely, likely due to their frailer bodies than humans and dwarves, and lesser development of weaponry or destructive magics. Their bodies inherently have a potent spirit, leading many raebin to pick up the study of magic. However, most magic used by the raebin is restorative in nature. Rather that be to cure frostbite, accelerate the growth of plant life, or manipulate ice and water to create structures or aid in fishing. Many raebin find themselves easily able to cast curative magics, healing wounds much more successfully than human mages are known to. Their warriors use an eclectic array of weaponry, such as slings, throwing spears, and crossbows, although the signature weapon of the raebin is known as a spinner; a blunt or sometimes bladed sphere, stringed in the middle, which can be thrown at an opponent and returned to the user with the string. With the progress of weaponry and trading with Skyrilon, raebin spinners have advanced to have razored metal string and deadly construction when compared to their ancestors weapons.

The raebin make use of all of the scarce resources they come across in their cold environment. Their clothing made mostly of the furs and skins of the many animals within Harefrost Woods. Through trading with Skyrilon over many generations, their clothing style has developed from very bulky and bland in color or style, to more extravagant garments that accentuate the body and feature a wider variety of materials and colors. The richest of the raebin people will often travel to Skyrilon to commission clothing woven with aetheric threads that warm the body when present in cold temperatures, allowing the raebin to dress scantily even in deep snow.

Relationship with Skyrilon

The relationship between raebin people and the nation of Skyrilon is far kinder than compared to the Nekita and Cresminos, however, it is not without its own struggles. Skyrilon considers Raebua an allied city, and freely allows raebin people to become Skyrilon citizens and even Skyrilon Knights. However, Raebua is much more reserved on treating humans as equals. Elderly and less wealthy raebin view humans as more wasteful, selfish, vain, and greedy. It is not uncommon for humans traveling north of Skyrilon to be mugged by masked gangs of raebin if it seems they may be easy targets. These raebin view doing this as an act of equality between raebin and human, as humans seemingly live in luxury compared to the harsh, cold lands of Raebua. Many of these masked gangs purposefully rob human travelers to give their belongings to the poorest of raebin.

Skyrilon does not fault Raebuan officials for these gangs, and regardless attempts to employ raebin ambassadors between the two cities, with the royal family visiting the raebin city every few years, providing many luxuries, supplies, and gifts to the poorer nation. Some raebin accept this gratefully and embrace Skyrilonian culture, yet other raebin are insulted by this.

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