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Raen Waetro

Raen Waetro is the father of Aedin Waetro, and leader of The Nightshade.

Race: Water Elf

Age: Lost Count (looks in his 30s-40s)

Measurements: 6'8", 220 lbs, 14.5 in uncut

Orientation: Bisexual (prefers women)

Weapon: Streamblade

Game Appearance

Raen is NOT playable in the Skyrilon Knights games and is not referred to in the story.


Raen Waetro, the father of Aedin Waetro of the Skyrilon Knights. A native resident of the Water Elf Island, Maerlios. He leads a group of extremely-disciplined swordsman, called The Nightshade, that guard the steps to the city at the ocean's shore. They stand watching, day and night, training themselves to go several days without rest, and practice blindfolded so they may fight proficiently in complete darkness. He has a sleeve tattoo on his left arm, depicting a seahorse, (the symbol of Maerlios) surrounded by nightshade flowers. He has another tattoo of a purple, spiraling swirl imitating a snake or dragon along the shaft of his penis.

As a young man he was fascinated by the power and skill of the members of The Nightshade, and mesmerized by their unique blade known as a streamblade. Not only were The Nightshade the skilled protectors of Maerlios but they also were given high honor in many of the island's cultural traditions and celebrations, giving them a celebrity status throughout the civilians of the island that all respected and looked up to. Raen devoted to his training day and night to eventually one day become a member of The Nightshade. Despite this, he failed many attempts to pass their examinations and tests. Raen spent many more years dedicated to his training, ignoring all other aspects of his life. Until eventually he passed the grueling trials to become a member.

As a new member of The Nightshade, he received his first streamblade from their leader which he treated as a sacred object. During a celebration introducing the newest recruits to The Nightshade, Raen met the woman who would eventually become his wife and mother of his only son, Aedin Waetro. After this he became entirely devoted to improving himself not only in the name of The Nightshade and for Maerlios Island, but to protect his family from invaders. He hoped to one day train his son in everything he knew about swordplay so that he too could become a member of The Nightshade.

Raen continued to rise the ranks of The Nightshade, becoming close to their leader. One day their leader was killed by a foreign assassin who wished to steal precious treasures from the island. Raen was filled with complete, aggressive rage and chased after the assailant, restraining him, and proceeded to slowly dismember him into countless pieces in revenge. The anger sat with him for the rest of his life to this day, no longer showing any mercy or poise in combat in favor of absolutely brutal, torturous maneuvers. He was named the new leader of The Nightshade for avenging the fallen leader, furthering his passion for protection of the island and hatred towards any would-be opponents.

Raen is a chaotic, aggressive beast of a man who will go to any lengths to protect and preserve the ancient culture of Maerlios, and is extremely cautious of any foreign guests... friend or foe. In combat, it is said he tricks his foes by allowing them to cut him once, thinking they have an upper-hand in battle, before ruthlessly slaughtering them in the most gruesome, painful way possible. He once miscalculated one of these cuts, which grazed the side of his face. It now prevents him from growing his hair in the traditional elven fashion of long strands of hair on each side of the face. He instead grows the right side twice as long as other elves.

As his son, Aedin, grew older, Aedin would spend his free time fishing and swimming and flirting with merfolk girls instead of wishing to practice swordplay with his father. Raen would constantly torment himself that his son took no interest in The Nightshade or the streamblade. Eventually the strain between Raen and his son became so great that they no longer spoke, and Aedin no longer felt worthy of living with his father, choosing to move to Skyrilon. Hearing that his son eventually became a Skyrilon Knight left Raen devastated, afraid that one day his land's culture will be entirely forgotten. He quickly turned to alcohol to cope with his strained family and loveless marriage. He became quite a drunk during his off duty time away from The Nightshade.


Aedin Waetro

Raen's son. Their relationship is horribly distant due to Raen's constant pressures for Aedin to be like his father.

Raen's Wife

The mother of Aedin. Besides this she is historically insignificant. Raen's relationship with her was mainly due to physical attraction. Raen is rarely with her as he is constantly on duty protecting Maerlios.

Combat Ability

Learning everything he could from his leader in The Nightshade, Raen has become a master of the special sword known as the streamblade. It is known for being extremely sharp and lightweight compared to other swords, capable of devastating critical slashes at lightning speeds.

Raen is very reckless in battle and often does not give 100% effort, confident that he does not need to give his best to defeat any opponent he comes across. This underestimation has led to many battle scars across his body over the years.


Raen is bisexual, but prefers women. During his youth he did not care for sex much, mainly focused on his isolated training. As he became The Nightshade, he was adored by many men and women of the island who would throw themselves at any Nightshade member for the night. This is how he met his wife, although he was not sexually exclusive with her when he was away from home. Raen spent many nights with The Nightshade after their duties were over for the day in brothels. The Nightshade were also, similarly to the Skyrilon Knights, known to pleasure each other to strengthen their bonds.

Raen is a wild, aggressive and selfish top known by fellow Nightshades for getting black-out drunk at many brothels and parties and claiming many of the prostitutes for himself, until he inevitably collapses.

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