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Skyrilon Knights

From left to right: Marcus Irune, Kael Aerodae, Derek Clodune, Aedin Waetro, Zade Elthund, Jared Irune.

The Knights of Skyrilon are an elite group of soldiers under the Kingdom of Skyrilon. Higher ranking than other soldiers of the Skyrilon army, they are tasked to serve the royal family personally and are the first to be invited for promotional competitions such as The Prince's Guard.

The tradition of the Skyrilon Knights spans many generations. It is of the highest honor to become a Skyrilon Knight, as they are regarded as the strongest of warriors and kindest of citizens. Their close bonds to each other, due to their sexual traditions, make them an even stronger fighting force.

Becoming a Skyrilon Knight

Unlike other soldiers of Skyrilon, who join without requirements, to become a Skyrilon Knight you must pass multiple various tasks to earn the title.

The first task is to complete a combat trial with a high ranking Skyrilon Knight. It is considered to be very difficult, depending on who is conducting the trial. No protections are given to the trial taker, ensuring that only those brave enough to risk their life will proceed with the trial.

The second task is to ensure that the trial taker is accustomed to the culture surrounding the Skyrilon Knights. More specifically, their sexual bonding practices. The trial taker must prove their sexual skill and pleasure the Skyrilon Knight who conducted their trial.

Sexuality of the Skyrilon Knights

While most common people of Skyrilon are heterosexual, it is well known that it is the male on male sexual relationships between all of the Skyrilon Knights that makes their bond in battle so strong. It is common and normal for men who would take part in straight relationships or sex in their daily life to engage in gay sex acts with their fellow Knights.

They often celebrate victories in battle with wild orgy parties, or finish off a training session by pleasuring their sparring partner. The castle of Skyrilon has many large baths for the Knights to go after battles or training to wash each other and pleasure themselves in open sight.

All Skyrilon Knights are expected to partake in these sexual acts. Some of the Knights sometimes don't, and these "straight" Skyrilon Knights are looked down upon as having a weaker bond.

While the Skyrilon Knights often have sex with each other, this is not exclusive behavior as they will have sex with others. While some Knights will begin gay romantic relationships with each other, the sex between the Knights is seen as very casual and non-consequential. Even two Knights in a romantic relationship will have other Knights as sex partners and it is still seen as romantically monogamous.

The Knights are free to visit brothels and have sex with male or female prostitutes according to their preference, or to be married. The Knights continue on with their regular sexual and romantic lives all while still having sexual bonds with their fellow comrades.

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