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(Chapter 7 Spoilers)

Sprix is a male faerie of yellow-colored aether who assists Jared Irune.

Race: Faerie

Age: Unknown

Measurements: Body size changes at will

Orientation: Gay

Weapon: None

Game Appearance

Sprix appears in the Skyrilon Knights games but is not a playable character.


One of many fae who resided in Eternabloom. After the fae elders convinced the Faerie Queen to cloak Eternabloom and banish all non-fae from their existence, the fae lived a peaceful life although they were forbidden to interact with others, leaving Sprix bored with his seemingly infinite lifespan.

Hundreds of years passed, and one day the Eternabloom's magic cloak was reversed by a group of Mountain Elf mages, led by the Prince of Fyraenia, Paetrik Fyrae. The mages were equipped with special tools developed to capture and kill faeries. Impervious to faerie magic, the Mountain Elves were unstoppable and managed to capture many of the fae before escaping back to their castle. Many of the fae fled Eternabloom, deeming it unsafe, including Sprix.

Sprix fled north of Eternabloom towards the Aetherwood, spotting a small wooden cabin. This cabin belonged to none other than Jared Irune who had gone into hiding from Skyrilon. Sprix saw the kindness in Jared's heart and sensed his loneliness throughout his life. For the first time in hundreds of years, a faerie would be seen by a human; Sprix revealed himself to Jared and asked for his help to rescue the fae who were captured.

Jared, who had lost his arm in a battle, built a new mechanical arm. However, the arm required a power source. Jared and Sprix agreed to help each other with their goals: Sprix would empower Jared's new arm with his magic, and Jared would use it to help Sprix rescue the captured fae from the Mountain Elves of Fyraenia. Then afterwards, Sprix would help Jared return to Skyrilon and redeem himself as a Skyrilon Knight.

Sprix returned with Jared to the entrance of Eternabloom to rally the faeries together to rescue their lost loved ones. The fae refused to allow their entry, and exiled Sprix for interacting with a human, deeming them both a risk to the safety of the Eternabloom. The two felt hopeless, both were abandoned by their homes. Still, they both continued to train their combat skills to figure out a way to rescue the fae and accomplish their goals.


Jared Irune

Sprix's only companion. The two have a strong bond, literally becoming one to defeat their foes. It took months of practice to effortlessly control Jared's arm in cooperation with him, but now the two act together as a cohesive powerful unit. Sprix finds more in common with Jared than his fellow fae, and wishes to stay with him even once their tasks together are completed.

Combat Ability

Sprix is naturally adept at casting magic. He is capable of a variety of spells, such as creating and revealing other magical sources and cloaks, putting foes into a sleep or trance-like state, changing his body size and appearance at will, among many other abilities.

When in combat, Sprix is capable of concentrating his magical energy into forceful blasts which hit the enemy with a blunt force with a lingering effect that feels similar to a burn. These blasts are capable of knocking an enemy off their feet backwards several feet. With the assistance of Jared's gauntlet, Sprix's magic is amplified to shoot faster, farther, and more concentrated beams while also reducing the amount of magic used. He can also imbue Jared's fists with magical energy to further increase the damage caused to the opponent. Sprix also uses his magic to grant Jared's fist superhuman strength, allowing Jared to lift extremely heavy objects.


Fae do not reproduce sexually, so their sexual activity is entirely recreational. Because of their magic powers, the fae may change their physical attributes to a certain extent. Sprix takes the form of a slim yet physically fit male with an uncut penis. He preferred being a bottom for other male fae when having sex.

Sprix is actually much more attracted to humans than fae. Compared to the average size of fae, humans have enormous cocks larger than their entire bodies. Sprix is able to grow to a size large enough to be penetrated by a small or average sized human cock with ease, but he much prefers to remain small and wrap his arms and legs around the human's penis. In order to assist Jared with his gauntlet's special sexual pleasure features, Sprix convinced Jared he would need to "research" Jared's penis to further understand human pleasure. Despite being straight, Sprix's magic aroused Jared and they have had many sexual interactions this way.

Although Sprix's idea of "research" was originally a trick, it actually allowed Sprix to tap into his magic powers to increase arousal and sexual pleasure in penises. When Sprix uses his magic to activate Jared's gauntlet, and Jared activates the sexual pleasure mode of the device on another man, Sprix is able to easily bring the man to orgasm by perfectly controlling the vibration, speed, warmth, and lubrication amounts of the device.

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