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The First War

The First War is the origin story of the known world. It describes how and why humans and elves exist and how their bloodlines and kingdoms came to be. Because it is a story that has been passed down for an unknown amount of years, its factual basis in unconfirmed, however, most people believe the story to be true.

The story states that in the beginning, all beings of all kinds lived together in harmony and peace. However, a dark force of evil spread over the land and corrupted the minds of all races. Suddenly, humanoid-kind craved power and became victims to lust and greed. They all began to divide themselves and engage in war to decide the true ruler of the land and in the end, a winner was never decided.

A sketch in a tome owned by Kael Aerodae: "Darkness spread throughout the world, corrupting human minds and filling the world with dangerous monsters. Evil spirits crept from the shadows of the trees in the forest and attacked the Elves."


This is the origin of the first King of Skyrilon, as well as the first King of Cresminos, so the story says. It is the first man of Skyre blood who decides to create a faction whose goal is to restore order and peace to mankind and rid the world of the evils that have begun to ruin it.

Many join Skyre in his quest to restore peace, however, the first man of Cresmini creates his own faction; stating that Skyre only wishes to create peace by having all others obey his definition of order, and that with Cresmini, all can flourish as they please. All of humankind is said to have chosen one of these two factions.

The two factions of Skyre and Cresmini go to battle, starting The First War. In the end, Skyre and his forces defeat Cresmini and force him and his people to take boats into the sea. This was assumed to be a cruel, painful death for Cresmini and his faction, however, it was unknown that land existed across the sea from Skyre's land. When Cresmini and his people landed on the new shore, they began the nation of Cresminos.


In this enormous battle amongst all of humankind, the elves are caught in the crossfire. A peaceful race not meant for brute, primitive-age war, they are forced to scatter in multiple directions. One group swims into the ocean, one group climbs to the tallest of mountains, and one group hides in the shadows of the trees. This is the origin story of the three tribes of elves that exist today: The Water Elves, The Forest Elves, and The Mountain Elves.

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