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The Prince's Guard

From left to right: Kael Aerodae, Derek Clodune, Zade Elthund.

The Prince's Guard is the personal bodyguard and life companion to the current Prince(s) of Skyrilon. It is a special title granted to only one person at a time.

Current and Previous Prince's Guards

Kael Aerodae- Prince's Guard to the deceased King Aaron Skyre

(Unnamed)- Prince's Guard to King Ivan Skyre I

Zade Elthund- Dismissed Prince's Guard to Prince Ivan Skyre II

Derek Clodune- Current Prince's Guard to Prince Ivan Skyre II

Expectancy of the Prince's Guard

The Prince's Guard is expected to be the closest companion and personal soldier to the prince. They must not leave the Prince's side for absolutely any reason, staying nearby the prince for his protection at all times. This even includes at night, as the Prince's Guard is expected to sleep in the same room as the Prince in case of an attack or assassination attempt.

The Prince's Guard is required to be an extremely skilled warrior who is aware of his surroundings at all times. They must protect the prince with their lives and sacrifice their life in order to keep the prince alive, if necessary.

The Prince's Guard should have deep knowledge of the kingdom of Skyrilon and of political diplomacy. Though this is not a requirement of becoming the Prince's Guard, as the closest companion to the prince, they will often be asked for advice on critical decisions.

The Prince's Guard may never harm the prince or any innocent citizen of Skyrilon under any circumstances. They must also be a Skyrilon Knight, having passed all trials to earn the title and fought in battle for Skyrilon.

The Prince's Guard must obey every command of the Prince, unless it breaks the previous rules, or unless the King of Skyrilon has commanded to override the Prince's orders.

Becoming the Prince's Guard

On the 18th birthday of the Prince of Skyrilon, he is expected to be an adult who may make political and wartime decisions with his own personal army. Because of this, he must be assigned a Prince's Guard on this day forward.

The highest ranking and most experienced Skyrilon Knights are chosen and invited by the King of Skyrilon to compete in a free-for-all battle in the Skyrilon Arena. There are no rules to this battle, as the Prince's Guard must be ready for any circumstance and must endure all possible outcomes in battle to protect the Prince.

To ensure that the best of Skyrilon's Knights do not fall in this battle, the mages of Skyrilon cast a magical barrier around the arena. Any injuries or death that occur within this barrier are undone after the person is removed from the arena. Because of this, all of the contestants are expected to fight to the death until only one person remains alive.

Substitute Prince's Guard

If the Prince's Guard fails to obey their rules or commands, they are stripped of their title and duty immediately. Depending on the severity, they may be imprisoned or executed. A new Prince's Guard is chosen by the Prince personally, without a new arena competition necessary.

Prince Ivan Skyre II's original Prince's Guard was Zade Elthund, but was deemed unfit of his duties, and was replaced by Ivan's choice: Derek Clodune.

Relationship with the Prince

The bond between the Prince and his Prince's Guard has been honored through recorded history as inseparable and incomparable.

On the night of the commencement of the new Prince's Guard, the Prince of Skyrilon is expected to congratulate the new Guard by having sex in the Prince's bed on their first night together. In artistic and historical depictions, the Prince is often depicted as the bottom to a male Guard. However, this is not always the case, as the Prince's Guard must obey any command by the Prince, including sexually.

It is widely known that the Prince and his Prince's Guard often partake in sexual acts throughout their lives. However, they are not permitted to enter a romantic relationship, as the Prince is expected to be selectively married to a woman to continue the Skyrilon Kingdom's royal bloodline.

These sexual acts can complicate their relationship. Many Prince's Guards fall in love with their prince, only to find that their prince is destined to marry someone else. Some princes of Skyrilon have fallen in love with their Prince's Guard, though they have had to keep it in secret as they marry and become kings. Even while married, a king will still keep his Prince's Guard and they will often continue to have sex with each other.

Regardless of all of these complications, the Prince and Prince's Guard become very close allies and friends; spending every moment of the Prince's adult life together, and sleeping in the same room with each other. The Prince's Guard will learn more about the Prince than anyone else, and many of Skyrilon's secrets have died along with the Guards.

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