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Ulmragha Thundercrash

Ulmragha Thundercrash is the leader of the free orcs and the village of Goreklan.

Race: Orc

Age: 35

Measurements: 6' 6", 250 lbs, 12 in uncut (restored)

Orientation: Bisexual

Weapon: Glaive

Game Appearance

Ulmragha does NOT appear in the Skyrilon Knights games, though he is referred to in the story.


Inside one of the many orc slave mining camps owned by Fyraenia, an orc man named Ulmragha would become the leader of a revolt against the Mountain Elves. Secretly plotting to gather the orcs together, they waited for a stormy night to attack the camp owners in their sleep and escape. Lightning struck as Ulmragha brutally slayed the owner of the mining camp, earning him the title "Thundercrash".

Now Ulmragha commands his group in a territory north of Fyraenia, known as Goreklan, on the other side of their holy volcano. He hopes to restore orc culture out of slavery and back to their old ways. They collect their enemies' corpses and throw them into the volcano as sacrifice to their god, who they believe is a demon with great power that could help them dominate the continent once again and get revenge against the Mountain Elves.

Ulmragha was constantly disgusted by the look of his cut foreskin, a mark of a slave by the Mountain Elves so that the elves remained the only intact cocks in their kingdom. He paid a large sum of gold to a mage to restore it through magic.

(Chapter 7 Spoilers)

Seeking stronger foes for sacrifice, Ulmragha heard of a great warrior from the kingdom of Skyrilon, named Jared the Great, the leader of the Skyrilon Army. He planned an attack on Skyrilon to force Jared to show himself and challenge Ulmragha to a duel. The two seemed equally matched, Ulmragha was surprised to fight a human who could match the physical strength of an orc warlord. The fight went on for hours, and both men were exhausted. Eventually, Ulmragha collapsed. Jared stood over what he assumed was his now defeated opponent. Ulmragha laid on the ground and waited for Jared to get close enough. While Jared was distracted, bragging about his victory over the orc, Ulmragha quick rose and sliced Jared the Great's sword arm completely in half. Ulmragha managed to escape during the shock of the event, and took Jared's arm with him...

This arm would be Ulmragha's greatest trophy. He wears the skeleton of Jared's hand in the most mocking fashion he could think of: to constantly hold onto Ulmragha's cock.


Jared Irune

Considered his greatest human rival. Now using Jared's hand as a trophy, he hopes to again duel Jared and the other Skyrilon Knights to display Jared's hand and shame them.

Paetrik Fyrae

The Prince of Fyraenia. Ulmragha's ultimate goal will be to rid the world of the Mountain Elves entirely, and he hopes to be the one who may slay the prince himself in a grueling fashion after brutally fucking him in front of the prince's citizens.


Ulmragha is bisexual, but prefers women. With male partners, Ulmragha is always a dominant top.

The orcs have a strict combat code that states they must conquer their opponent not only in combat but sexually as well. Any opponent of an orc knows before their defeat their ass will be shamefully dominated. As such, Ulmragha has fucked countless male opponents.

Outside of battle, Ulmragha prefers sex with women. As the leader of the free orcs, the orc women find him to be the most desirable of sexual partners. He is the father of countless orc children, hoping his offspring will continue to lead the orcs to further freedom and revenge against the elves.

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