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Zade Elthund

Zade Elthund is an assassin under employment of King Ivan Skyre, and was the previous Prince's Guard to Prince Ivan Skyre II.

Race: Human

Age: 20

Measurements: 5'11", 165 lbs, 7 in cut

Orientation: Bisexual

Weapon: Knives

Game Appearance

Zade is a main character in the Skyrilon Knights game and is playable in Chapter 4.


Zade was born a twin in the Kingdom of Cresminos, across the ocean from Skyrilon. In Cresminos, twins are considered a bad omen, and often killed if they are discovered. In an effort to save his life, his parents placed him on a trading boat heading towards Skyrilon when he was an infant. After discovered by the ship's crew, he was dropped off at an orphanage cathedral.

As a child, Zade loathed the cathedral and the other children there. Another child at the orphanage, Alexander, was constantly tattling on Zade for his wrong-doings and pranks on the other children. During this time he felt he didn't fit in with the other children and often snuck off during the day into the streets of Skyrilon on his own. It was here that he fell into a life of crime and thievery, influenced by homeless criminals on the city streets.

As a teenager, Zade continued in his crimes and was noticed by a secret assassin organization for his skills. He was offered to be trained under this elite group in return for great riches and a life of luxury, as long as he was able to keep his true identity as an assassin a secret. Zade joined this group and was responsible for the death of many high-profile corrupt traders and politicians, but also innocent civilians who simply had paid hits on them.

One day Zade was tricked into a planted trap by the Skyrilon Knights and was captured, imprisoned in the Skyrilon dungeons. He was to be executed, unless he confess the inner workers of his assassin group and hereby serve Skyrilon as a Skyrilon Knight. As Zade wished not to die, he agreed to these terms which lead to the seeming end to the lethal crime organization. Still he was not trusted by the Skyrilon Knights and was forced to tattoo the crest of Skyrilon upon his right shoulder.

As years passed, Zade proved to be a reliable assassin to King Ivan Skyre, and a ruthless warrior in many battles alongside the Skyrilon Knights. Still he was under constant watch and was never truly trusted by the King or any of the Knights. When Queen Mellanie of Skyrilon was suddenly assassinated, Cresminos was a major suspect, and Zade was immediately questioned due to his skills as an assassin and Cresminosi heritage.

Although no evidence could be found that Zade was responsible, his reputation was forever tarnished and no one wished to ever speak with him. The rest of the Skyrilon Knights felt great hate towards him, and Zade lived most of his days in complete solitude outside of his duties. It was until Prince Ivan Skyre had noticed Zade's depressing state and offered him a present: a chocolate cake baked by the prince, as he knew chocolate was native to Cresminos and very rare to find in Skyrilon.

(Chapter 4 Spoilers)

After this moment, Zade and Prince Ivan continued their friendship, meeting in secret at night in various parts of the castle. Zade became completely captivated by the prince's kindness, generosity, and of course, his good looks. They quickly became romantic partners, and Ivan asked Zade to practice so he may one day become his Prince's Guard, to which Zade immediately agreed.

Zade had used his expert assassination techniques to win the Prince's Guard competition with ease, and became Prince Ivan's Prince's Guard. He finally felt as if he would get the respect he deserved for all he has done to serve Skyrilon, and could not wait to publicly show affection towards Prince Ivan.

When Derek Clodune publicly calls out Zade's crude sexual behavior towards the Prince, it sends Zade into a frenzied state of anger and jealousy, projecting all of his years of hatred towards the Skyrilon Knights who never gave him a chance. He threatened to harm the Prince and kill other Knights, and he was declared unfit to serve as the Prince's Guard. Lost of his title and threatened with execution, Zade only survived due to Prince Ivan's begging to have his life spared. Currently, he lives only to serve Prince Ivan's every command, in hopes he can regain his trust again... even if Ivan will never love him again.


King Ivan Skyre I

Zade avoided execution by serving King Ivan as his personal assassin. Zade quickly proved himself with many successful missions. Despite always following King Ivan's orders flawlessly and never acting to cause suspicion, King Ivan never completely trusted Zade, and was the first to accuse him of Queen Mellanie's assassination. Zade still wishes for his approval and hopes he could possibly find Mellanie's killer to clear his name in the King's eyes.


Zade's childhood rival. Zade was a troublemaker growing up, and Alexander the opposite, always close with the priests of the cathedral. The two barely would recognize each other now, but Zade still has bitter feelings towards him when recalling his past.

Ivan Skyre II

Zade's previous lover. Prince Ivan's affection was exactly what Zade needed to turn himself away from his isolated depression. Zade felt a new lease on life after beginning his friendship with Ivan, and became madly in love with him. Ivan was charmed by Zade's bad-boy attitude and perfectly toned muscles. Their relationship became strained after Zade threatened him in front of the public, with Zade now living his life solely to regain Ivan's trust.

Derek Clodune

Zade considers him his greatest rival. He finds Derek's lack of combat expertise to be an embarrassment as the Prince's Guard. He constantly insists Derek step down from his role and hopes a time comes he can prove Derek does not deserve the title of Ivan's Prince's Guard. He can not stand the thought of Derek being with Ivan sexually or romantically. As Ivan begins to bond with Derek, Zade gives up his plans to assassinate Derek, due to how it would devastate Prince Ivan.

Combat Ability

Zade is an expert assassin and one-on-one fighter. His weapons of choice are twin knives, but he also has a plethora of hidden weapons including needles, smoke bombs, poison darts, and throwing stars. He strikes at blinding speeds and can kill an opponent before they are even able to react. Instead of being more physically powerful than his opponents, he would rather out-smart them with various tricks and tactics. He is an expert at going in for a critical blow, preferring to slice the necks of his opponents from behind before they even notice him.


Zade is bisexual, but prefers men. He is attracted to slim, feminine men, such as Prince Ivan and Zephyr. He especially has a fetish for blondes, also finding Princess Tessa to be extremely attractive. Before his relationship with Prince Ivan, he frequently visited The Petalplace Brothel, constantly paying for group sex with blonde women and young men.

Zade is versatile with men but rarely bottoms. He prefers to be an aggressive top, and is into various kinks like bondage, spanking, and physical abuse such as slapping and choking. He loves to degrade and talk dirty to his submissive partner, calling them names like "slut" and "bitch". He even would do these things with Prince Ivan, after given his permission, creating an unusual power dynamic for the prince. Although he was very aggressive with Ivan during anal sex, he loved to perform oral sex on the prince.

(Chapter 6 Spoilers)

After the relationship with Ivan ended, he often would have sex with the captured Zephyr. Zephyr was constantly horny and begging to be fucked in his dungeon cell. After hearing about this, Zade became a regular visitor.

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