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(Chapter 6 Spoilers)

Zephyr is the self-proclaimed King of the Harpies.

Race: Harpy

Age: 18

Measurements: 5'7", 95 lbs, 3 in uncut

Orientation: Gay

Weapon: Claws

Game Appearance

Zephyr is an antagonist in the Skyrilon Knights game and is playable in Chapter 6.


Previously, the harpies were exclusively female. Throughout the generations, harpies continued to mate with humans instead of beasts, which altered their genetics. They slowly became more and more human-like, and less like the bird women of legend. Eventually they became so much like humans that even their female-exclusive trait seemingly disappeared with the birth of Zephyr, the first male harpy.

Zephyr was treated by the harpies as a god, and as a child, he was protected and treated as sacred. They had planned to grow him into, essentially, a living breeding device. Mating with a male harpy would prevent the future degradation of the harpy bloodline, and avoid the need to capture beasts or human men.

As Zephyr got older, he quickly realized the power he could have over the harpies, and demanded he be declared their king. He was given the title King of the Harpies, and ruled over them mercilessly. When he became old enough for sex, he refused, insisting he was only attracted to men. In order to receive his seed, the harpy women would need to trade him for it with jewelry, money, expensive clothing, and his favorite: human men. Suddenly, the harpy women were ravenous and began attacking humans at an alarming rate; stealing the clothes off of traveling women and taking away their husbands.

(Chapter 6 Spoilers)

Zephyr began a collection of human men inside a cave in the Harpy Peaks. Drugging them with potions, they became barely conscious and permanently aroused. After the harpies had captured Marcus Irune, the Skyrilon Knights lead a force to rescue him. During this confrontation, the harpies refused to risk their lives to fight Zephyr's battle, and abandoned him to fight the Skyrilon Knights alone. No match for the Knights, he was easily captured and put into the Skyrilon dungeon.


Marcus Irune

One of Zephyr's many human sex slaves. Zephyr's demented sexual appetite was a rude awakening for the previously naive Marcus.

Zade Elthund

After Zephyr was locked up in the Skyrilon dungeons, many men began to come down to the dungeon to fuck Zephyr, Zade Elthund included, who especially liked effeminate men like Zephyr. Zade's aggressive and demeaning behavior is exactly what Zephyr craves from his sexual partners.

Combat Ability

Zephyr is inexperienced in combat. He has been pampered his entire life, and has never engaged in combat prior to his engagement with the Skyrilon Knights.

He fights with long, razor-sharp black claws which retract from the gauntlets on his wrist. These claws, along with the entire matching outfit, were stolen from a famous traveling prostitute by one of the harpies.


Zephyr is gay, only wishing to have sex with men, finding women repulsive. He is a complete and total bottom, never once imagining himself topping anyone.

Like harpy women, Zephyr also goes into heat, which causes him to have a mind-controlling urge to have sex with men. When Zephyr falls into this state, he cannot be satisfied until several men cum inside him. He becomes completely submissive to any man in front of him, with the simple scent of male hormones sending him into an utter frenzy. His favorite types of men are muscular, hairy, masculine; although in heightened moments of arousal, Zephyr has no standards and will have sex with anyone or anything that can cum. It is not uncommon that Zephyr would use his sex slaves upwards of 20 times daily.

(Chapter 6 Spoilers)

After Zephyr was captured by the Skyrilon Knights, he was imprisoned in the dungeon below the castle. Alone in his cell, he still constantly craved sex and begged for the passing guards to fuck him. Of course, Zephyr is very attractive to many of the Knights, so after word spread that Zephyr would allow anyone to fuck him at any time, soldiers of all kinds began lining up to fuck Zephyr between the bars of his cell. Eventually the soldiers would enter Zephyr's cell in groups, with Zephyr taking on five to six men at the same time. The soldiers started taking counts of how many men had used Zephyr in one day, with the record being 68.

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